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The family and descendants of Rev. Josiah Rogers Dodge (John, John, Israel, Tristram) is the ONLY family in any of our data bases that uses the name, or close variation thereof, of Diadema for a girl child.
In this family, is also found the surname of Spotswood. A son of Josiah Rogers Dodge, Jerial G., married Eliza Washington Spotswood and one of their offspring was named Spotswood Josiah Dodge.

This family of Dodges were very prone to using previous names in the family for new descendants.

Below, we have the families that use the name Diadema (or variation thereof).

We always believed that the Henry Dodge/Laurena Jolly mystery was connected to this family because they came from Hardin County, Kentucky, as the Rev. Josiah Rogers Dodge family did, and they moved to Illinois, again, as the Rev. Josiah Rogers Dodge family did. NOW, we KNOW that what we believed is true. Henry Dodge was a grandson of Rev. Josiah Rogers Dodge.

We believe that the E. Louis Dodge mystery may also be linked to this family because of two reasons...In this mystery we have the name of Diadema, and in her mother's line, the name "Spotswood".

If you have any information which will clear this mystery, we will be most happy to give you a year 's membership in our Dodge Family Association.

The Parents of Rev. Josiah Dodge were:
John DODGE , Jr. m.(1) Lydia ROGERS , 23 Oct 1748, Colchester, New London Co., CT
John m.(2) Willis ELIZABETH 3 Dec 1770, Canterbury, Connecticut
We have no known children from this marriage
John m(3) Martha SHAW 22 Nov 1787
We have no known children from this marriage

The children of John and Lydia were:

Jordon DODGE ; John DODGE ; Peter DODGE ;. Elizabeth DODGE ; Lydia DODGE ; Israel DODGE ;Josiah Rogers DODGE ; Jeremiah DODGE ; Christopher DODGE ; Child DODGE ; Jerial DODGE ;Nehemiah DODGE

Josiah Rogers DODGE (Rev.), (son of John and Lydia )28 Sep 1762 - 26 Aug 1820; b. 28 Sep 1762, Canterbury, Connecticut d. 26 Aug 1820, Hardin Co, Kentucky . He m. : Zerviah Sophia Willis 24 Sep 1783, Canterbury, Connecticut

Their children were: Elizabeth DODGE ; John DODGE ; Jerial G. DODGE ; Josiah DODGE ; Lydia DODGE ; Theodosia DODGE ; Charles DODGE ; Diadamus DODGE ; Israel DODGE;

Jordon DODGE (Rev.) (son of John and Lydia ); b 6 Aug 1749, Canterbury, Windham Co., Connecticut and d 23 Sep 1828 . He m. Lucy ADAMS 22 Oct 1769, Canterbury, Windham Co., Connecticut

Their children were: Deidama DODGE ; Dorcas DODGE ; Lydia DODGE ; Joel DODGE ; Asenath DODGE ; John Adams DODGE ; Levi DODGE ; Peter DODGE ; Achsah DODGE ; Jordon DODGE ; Nancy DODGE;

John Adams DODGE (Rev.)[son of Rev. Jordan Dodge] b 7 Nov 1778, Sturbridge, Worcester Co., Massachusetts DEATH: 22 Dec 1871 He married : Anna PEAKE 18 Mar 1818, Starksboro, Vermont

Their children were: Deidamia DODGE ; Daniel Dodge; Jane Dodge; Jordon Dodge; John A. Dodge; Cyril Dodge; Mary Jane Dodge; Anna Dodge

John Adams DODGE m (2) Sarah PEAKE 6 Jan 1836, Starksborough, Vermont

Their children were: Lucius A. Dodge, John A. Dodge, Aldus Cireno Dodge, Isabinda A. Dodge, Louisa Annette Dodge, Mary Fidelia Dodge, Edwin A. Dodge;
Jerial G. Dodge (son of Rev. Josiah Dodge and Lydia) b. Nov. 7, 1788 d. Oct. 18, 1843 m. Eliza Washington Spotswood
Their children were: Jerial George Dodge; Spotswood Josiah Dodge; Elizabeth L. Dodge; Josiah Dodge; Israel A. Dodge