John B. Dodge
There are a number of mystery Dodges who have the name John B. Dodge. This is but one of them.
My name is Linda (Lindsey) Aliff, my grandmother was Annie Lee Dodge,
Her father, my gr. grandfather was John B. Dodge b. 20 Nov. 1848 d. 10
May 1906 he is buried in the Dees Cemetery in Marshall Co., Kentucky.
There is also a J.W. Dodge b. 22 Jan. 1882 d. 11 Aug. 1902 we are not
sure of who he is. There are quite a few Dodge's buried there of which
we know of most of them. John B. and Lucinda had 8 children, in order,
Martha Jane Dodge b. Feb. 1875 in Hopkins Ky. mar. to William Wison
Clark. I add the husband because wherever Isee a Dodge more than likely
there is a Clark. 2nd child George Dodge b. 1877, Charlie L. Dodge
b.Feb. 1880, Alvin Dodge b. 1882, Annie Lee Dodge b. 1884 and married
in 1901 in Marshall Co. Ky., Emma Dodge b. 1887, Fannie Elizabeth dodge
b. 1889, Henry Dodge b. 1892. These are the children with Lucinda then
a second marriage to Malinda Belle? produced a son Melvin B. Dodge. I
do not know where John B. was born or his mothers name but his fathers
name was possibly Ben. I do not know if you can help but it is worth a
try. Some one may see and recognize some of these names. I also was
very interested in the coat of arms and the history of it but I really
could not find anything on your website. I thank you for any
information you may come across. My dad knows nothing of his heritage.
At this time he has cancer it it would be a gift from me to him. My
email address is :

Barb, thakn you so much for answering so quickly. I have been
communicating with a recently found cousin who's grandmother is my
grandmothers sister. he is the one of the Clark's which I find so
interesting that you always see the dodge name and Clark names
together. All I know is that Edward Clark has that John B. Dodge's
father is Ben. I wondered if possibly John W. doge that is buried in
the dee's Cemetery in Ky possibly be John B's father and not Ben. Mr.
Clark has recently had a heart attack so I hate to bother him to much.
He has a copy of my grandfathers will that i can't wait to see. I have
asked for a copy I think it would be great for my dad. We'll see. I am
in Indiana and the Clarks are in Illinois. Do you have a message board?
I can place a message there if so. I really appreciate the help. Annie
Lee Dodge (Lindsey) my grandmother resised in East Prarie, Missouri. My
dad said back in those days family never really discussed grandfather's
and gr. mothers. I do not understand that but he said they were just
trying to survive. Thanks again for the help. Linda Aliff

Barb, 1882 is the birth date, this is what Ed Clark has sent me. I do have the
list of Dodge's in the Dee's Cemetery if you would like them. Possibly it would
help some one else. I down loaded it off of the web site. I also know my dad
said gr. (Lindsey) Dodge said she was born in Metropolis, Illinois. but another
brother said no it was marshall Co. Ky. but he also says Benton. It seems that
they traveled alot. All that we have as far as the papers are a copy of the
marriage license from Marshall Co. I would appreciate it if you would post it
for me when you can. I would really appreciate it. Thanks Linda Aliff.

Barbara, Hi, Hopefully you will remember me but maybe not. I am sure
you recieve quite a few emails daily. I changed my email address awhile
back and thought I'd send it to you incase you find anything on my
grandfather. My name is Linda Aliff. My email address is You said you would place my request on the
message board when you had it set up. It was quite awhile ago so I
thought I'd send it to you again.His name is John B. Dodge (b. 20 Nov.
1848 & d. 10 May 1906) marr. to Lucinda James (b.9 July 1854 & d. 8 May
1903) they are both buried at the Dees Cemetery in marshall Co. KY.
They have several children. His fathers name, I am told, was Ben Dodge.
They are in the 1880 Hopkins Co., Ky census.I have no idea of his
parents names or where he was born. He was also was marr. to Malinda
(Belle) and had a son Melvin B. Dodge. If you have it posted some where
please let me know. Thank you.