Interesting Tidbits from
Pennsylvania and New York

by Ruth Larson

Cameron* County was formed March 29, 1860 from Clinton, McKean, Potter,
and Elk Counties.

Unless you have a map of Pennsylvania counties prior to 1860 and an exact description of each grave site, it is not be possible to give an accurate description of an existing grave site today.
If you have old, old information of a death and burial in say, McKean County, then you might find the grave site in the existing McKean County or Cameron County, etc.

The earliest date I found the Dodge name surface in Cameron* county was 1835, Phelps, Dodge, Abbot and Col. James H. Johnson owned 15,000 acres of timber land in.

Next, in 1848: W.E. Dodge advertised for settlers to come into the unsettled areas of Stweardston and Richmond Townships in Cameron county.

In 1851 a Norweigan, well- know Violinst, named Old Bul purchased 11,144 acres of land in Stweardston Twp. eventually 300 of his followers came to the area from Norway to make a settlement in Stweardston Twp.. - Settlement failed! - Perhaps "Old Bull" came in response to W.E. Dodge's advertisement.

The Dodges of these counties were involved in various business enterprises including saw mills, Dodge Clothes Pin Company - 9/1/1911 in Coudersport (A.W. Dodge made transaction), Dodge and Newton merchandise business (Rexford, McKean county), and Manning and Dodge, ( Elmer) run by A.F. Dodge, son of Israel and Sally White Dodge.

The towns of Shinglehouse, PA, Sharon Twp. Potter county, Portville, Allegheny,NY and Ceres, Mc Kean share boarders. Daniel Dodge, (born 1820), son of Agustus (1796) was an early settler in the Shinglehouse area but the first Dodges noted as first entering the area just north of Shinglehouse were noted in the 1806 census - cite: "History of Allegheny county (F.W. Beers) as: Alpheus, Daniel, Johnathan, Francis G., Lewis W., Miles, and Myron L.Dodge.

I've gathered information about the Dodges from courthouse records, cemetery records, histories of Potter, Cameron, and Mc Kean counties, and "Early Settlers," of NY State. Also have walked through cemeteries and checked out tombstones.

"Early Settler," page 223:

Agustus Dodge born 9/24/1796 at Newport, NY married 10/20/1819 at Rockland, NY Hannah Darber born 11/7/1799 at Rockland, NY
Daniel Dodge born 7/5/1820 at Gainesville, NY
Abigail M. Dodge born May 26, 1822
Eliza Ann born 12/15/1836 Pike, Wyoming County, NY died 7/11/1927

Potter County History:

Daniel Dodge probably death date 1884 - burial possibly County Home (1) wife Adelia E. (Newcomb) Dodge born Pike, Wyoming County , NY (Adelia's mother Jane Swallow)
George W. b. 2/21/1843 died 1931 Potter county married 9/1870 in Friendship, NY, Emma E. Parmenter born 8/16/1848 died 4/16/1926 - daughter of Nelson Parmenter, Esq. and Lorinda (White) Parmenter of Sharon Twp.,
Ulric S. b. 6/11/1874 - wife Mary Neil (Neal)
Fred Dodge
Daniel Dodge
Catherine L. Dodge b. abt. 1847 (wife of E.D. Holmes)
Mary A. Dodge born abt. 1849 (wife 0f Ralph Burdic)
Son: Perry G. Burdic born 3/30/1892 died 9/8/1892
Jerome D. Dodge born abt. 1856 (Physician in Cuyahoga, Falls, Ohio)
Daniel Dodge - (2) wife Jenette Wood (dau of Lewis Wood - preacher Universalist, Sharon Twp.) Mrs. Daniel Dodge died 1/5/1903 age 83 at Port Allegheny, PA. Taken to Rushford, Allegheny county NY, next to her first husband (?)
Wood: Tombstones Sharon Center cemetery, Potter county:
Polly Wood, wife of Lewis Wood d. 7/7/1859 (age 64 yrs. 6 months) born Oxford, NY
Lewis Wood b. 9/25/1865 age 76
Susan E. Wood b. 4/13/1813 d. 1/27/1897
Edwin A. Wood b. 1836 d. 1936
Olive Wood b. 1839 died 1936
1860 Potter County Census - Dodges:

Daniel Dodge age 40 born NY State
Jenette M. Dodge age 40 born NY State
Loren W. Dodge age 36 born NY State
Mary Dodge age 26 born NY State
Almon Dodge age 26 born NY State
Emily Dodge age 25 born PA
Harrison Dodge age 23 born NY State
George W. Dodge age 16 born NY State
Catherine L. Dodge age 13 born NY State
Anna Dodge age 11 born NY State
William G. Dodge age 5 born PA
Ada Dodge age 4 born PA
Jerome D. age 4 born PA
Deed Transactions 1861-62

Coundersport, Court house records:
1861 Daniel Dodge to George W. Dodge - Sharon Twp.
1861 Daniel and Janette Dodge to Joseph Knight - Sharon Twp.
1862 Daniel and Janette to Agustus and Hannah Dodge of Pike, Wyoming county, NY
1862 Agustus and wife Hannah Dodge to Rebecca Ann White, Washington Twp., Jefferson County
Note: According to Harrison Twp. Potter county History (Beers) George W. Dodge, of Potter county, not George H. Dodge of Emporium, Cameron county, was the agent in purchasing of saw mills for Frederick, Crocker, and Amos C. Nayes, all of Grafton, New Hampshire.

From the History of Pompey, New York:

Hezekiah Dodge came into Pompey with his brother Ezra in 1795, both settled on a tract of land on lot 50.... In 1842 Hezekiah removed to Lysander, where he lived with his son Oren, until his death in 1844... six children: Nehemiah, Oren, Charles, Julia, Joanna, and William. Ezra settled on place know as the "Dodge Farm." .... Ezra had six children: David F., Ira, Clarissa, Hezekiah, Seabred, and Ezra, Jr. ... Son, David F. taught school..... Son, Hezekiah, became a physician.... moved to Georgia, then to Illinois ....Son, Sebred.... graduated from Hamilton College, studied engineering .... moved to Ohio in 1826 where he was conspicuoius in the construction of the Ohio canals.... he died in 1849.

Burghardt Genealogy: After the Rev War Jehoiakim Burghardt, Sr. was H of Household in 1790 and 1800 Federal Census .. at Kortright, NY (Montgomery, Co.) . 1810 was in Smithville, Chenango, Co., NY. Sons, William, Sr. and Jehoiakim, Jr. lived there in 1810 ..... Jehoiakim 's wife, Sarah White, was a widow by 1810. She and her four children made a move to Harpersfield, Ashtabula Co., Ohio .... Children were: Judith who married Josiah Dodge, a seventh descendant of Mayflower passenger, Richard More; William Sr., who married Abigail Andrews; Milbury, who married Abigails' sister Sarah (Sally) Andrews; and Jehoiakim, Jr. married (1) Catherine Anne Sarissa Patterson and (2) Catherine Dodge in Ashtabula Co., Ohio after 1813.

Peter Burghardt was born in 1753 in Great Barrington, Berkshire county, Maine and died 1825. in KY. Peter's wife was Mercy Church .... Peter went to Oxford, Chenango co., NY with wife and eight children from Great Barrington in 1792 .... early part of nineteenth century to Allegheny County, NY... erected first grist mill in Hoveys creek ... wife died at Warren, Warren Co., PA. ... two daughters died in Oxford; Mary, who married John Dodge, and left many descendants, and Sally, wife of Abijah Lobdell, Jr.

I spent a day two weeks ago driving around the Wellsboro, Pa (Tiogo county) area, and also spent several hours at the historical society and in the court house. Ended up purchasing The History of Tioga County, (1897).

I came away with some new interesting history about the Dodges once of the Tioga County area.

Of greatest interest was my quick visit to Ansonia where the old Presbyterian church still stands. Behind the church I located the old Ansonia cemetery.

Thought you might enjoy reading some of the history about the once, bustling village of Ansonia as it relates to the Dodge/Phelps families.

Page 472 Churches and Cemeteries: in 1840 a frame church building was erected at Ansonia by PHELPS, DODGE AND COMPANY, HON. WILLIAM E. DODGE, being the leading spirit in the enterprise. MR. WILLIAM E. DODGE was a Presbyterian, and in September, 1840, the building was dedicated as the Presbyterian Church of Manchester, that being the name applied to the place at the time. It has since been more familiarly known as the "Pine Creek church,"and is today-the second oldest house of worship in the county. Though dedicated as a Presbyterian church it has always been open to other Christian denominations. The building was erected under the supervisioin of ISREAL RICHARD, boss carpenter, who followed a model furnished by the FATHER of HON. WILLIAM E. DODGE, from a little church in Connecticut. REV. MR. SPAULDING, of Southport, NY, officiated at the dedication. Among those present were HON. WILLIAM E. DODGE and wife, and his sister, MRS. E. C. STEADMAN, wife of EDMUND CLARENCE STEADMAN, the banker-poet. She wrote a poem, inspired by the occasion and surroundings, which appeared in the Tioga Eagle.

Page 473: ANSONIA is the name of a village situated at the junction of Marsh and Pine creeks.....first named BIG MEADOWS .... 1805, Josiah Furman settled, and soon after had for neighbors a man named MILLS, whose daughter he married, and ROBERT STEEL. About 1829 LEONARD PFOUTZ erected a saw mill a mile and a half below on PineCreek. A few years later he was suceeded by STOWELL AND DICKINSON .....the place took the name of Manchester....about 1838 PHELPS, DODGE AND COMPANY - otherwise known as the PA JOINT LAND AND LUMBER COMPANY - purchased large bodies of timber lands in Delmar and Shippen Twps. and began lumbering operations on an extensive scale. In 1850 they acquired the STOWELL AND DICKINSON Mills..... in 1884 a hotel building was erected by PHELPS, DODGE AND COMPANY..... in 1876 the name was changed to ANSONIA, in honor of ANSON PHELPS, OF PHELPS, DODGE AND COMPANY..... post office at area named EBENTON - being named for EBENEZER B. CAMPBELL, for many years a foreman for PHELPS, DODGE AND COMPANY...Spring of 1895 the name EBENTON was dropped and that of ANSONIA restored.

The area around what was once Ansonia is now extremely sparsley populated. Any signs of what was once a bustling mill village are completely unnoticable.

I walked through the cemetery which adjoins the church searching for tombstones with the Dodge surname but didn't find any.

James E. Dodge, son of Israel and Sally White Dodge is written up in the Biographical Sketches of Westfield Twp., Tiogo county.

Westfield Twp., borders the Potter county and Tioga county line. The majority of the chlildren of Isreal and Sally White Dodge are in the cemetery located almost directly on the Potter county, Tioga county line. Others are definately in Potter county. I've visited both cemeteries. Next trip will be when our winter weather clears and I'll be able to take pictures of the tombstones.

Ruth Larson