Indiana Census records
for the year 1850
Transcribed by Janeen Peters

Allen County, Wayne Twp. Carroll County, Dist. No. 9 Dekalb County Newville Twp Elkhart County, Bango Twp. Elkhart County, Olive Twp.
Elkhart County, Robinson Twp Elkhart County, Smith Twp. Hendricks County Marion Twp Jefferson County City of Madison Jefferson County 6th Ward
Kosciusko County Lagrange County, Indiana Lake County, Indiana: Center Twp Lake County, Indiana:Cedar Creek Twp. Lake County, Indiana:West Creek Twp.
Noble County Allen Twp Posey County. Mt. Vernon Twp Robinson Twp Tippecanoe County Lafayette Fifth Ward Tippecanoe County Wayne Twp.
Union County Brownsville Twp Vermillion County. Vermillion Twp. Vigo County. Harrison Twp. Wayne County, Centre Twp Wayne County, Centerville
White County District 130

Allen County,

Jane Dodge 18 Born in Ohio; is in a boarding house.

Carroll County, Dist. No. 9

Jane Dodge 20 Born New York in home of David Wingent, farmer from Pennsylvania.

Dekalb County Newville Twp.

Anthony 36 Farmer Born New York
Abigail 35 Born New York
Oscar 12 Born New York - Attended school
Caroline 10 Born New York - Attended school
Mary 8 Born Indiana
George 3 Born Indiana
Elkhart County, Bango Twp.
Charles Dodge 38 farmer Born New York
Ruth W. 10 born Ohio
Charles 8 born Ohio
Henry 6 born Ohio
James S. age looks like 0, born Ohio
Peleg S age 1 born Indiana
Judith 63 born New York
Elkhart County, Olive Twp.
James Dodge 34 farmer born Ohio
Mrs.. Eliza 32 born New York
Mary E. 4 born Indiana
Margaret M. 7 born Indiana
Wm. H. 1 born Indiana
Elkhart County, Smith Twp.
Willis Dodge 29 Farmer Born Indiana
Nancy E. 31 born Kentucky
William J. 10 born Indiana
Drury p. 8 Male born Indiana
John W. 6 born Indiana
Anderson R. 5 born Indiana
Joseph G. 3 born Indiana
Lewis C.. 2 born Indiana
Benjamin F. 1 month born Indiana
Elkhart County, Robinson Twp,
Vincent Dodge 25 farmer born Indiana
Sophia 22 born Kentucky
John 2 born Indiana
Mary A. 1 born Indiana
Also in this home is a Drury Pullam, age 29. I included that because of the like name to the son of Willis, above.
Hendricks County Marion Twp.
Thomas Dodge 43 Born Vermont. Farmer
Prudence 29 Born Delaware
Angeline 4 Born Indiana.
Clarissa I. 2 Born Indiana
Jefferson County 6th Ward
Alexander 31 Tobacconist born Kentucky
Elizabeth 26 Born Da. (Is this Dakota?)
Wm. A. 5 Born Indiana
Joseph 10 mos. Born Indiana
Jefferson County City of Madison
Rsan Dodge 29 female Born Ohio
Henrietta 9 Born Indiana
William 7 Born Indiana
Lagrange County, Indiana:
Charley( almost looks like Chancey) age 36 Constable born Connecticut
Ann age 24 born NY Charles age 6 born Ohio

Noviet???female age6 born Ohio(Should this be Violet?)
Ellen age2 born Michigan
Also in that home...Iva Elsworth age 25, student born New York

David age 45 Laborer born New York
Clarrisa age 40 born Connecticut
Chancey age 17 Laborer born New York
Worder age 5(This may be an error) Laborer born Pennsylvania. Surely his age is 15. The taker must have run out of ink.
Sarah age 13 born Pennsylvania

Stephen age 32 farmer born Ohio
Rhoda A. age 33 born New York (her age hard to read)
James age 12 born Ohio
Leroy?(another hard to read) age 11 born Ohio
Mary J. age 9 born Ohio
David age 5 born Indiana
In the same home/same property, at least:
Cornelius Cator age 25 farmer born New York
Sally Ann Avis age 27 born Ohio
Emma age 4 born Indiana
Lydia age 1 born Indiana
Kosciusko County
Joseph B. Dodge 23 Born New York, School teacher. Boarder in the home of Ferdinand Pelton(?) Tavern keeper
Tippecanoe County Lafayette Fifth Ward
N.B. Dodge 48 Born Massachusetts. Merchant
Rebecca A. 37 Born NJ. There are 15 residents under N.B. Dodge's name. Boarding home?
Tippecanoe County Wayne Twp.
Solomon Dodge 55 Born North Carolina. Farmer
Mary 42 Born Kentucky (?)
Elizabeth 14 Born Indiana
Nancy 13 Born Indiana
Margaret 11 Born Indiana
Polly 9 (?) Born Indiana
Luiza 8(?) Born Indiana
Willis 2 Born Indiana
William 24 Born Indiana
Rody 24 Born Indiana
Noble County Allen Twp
Nancy Dodge 52 Born Vermont
Ezra 32 Farmer Born Vermont.
Asa W. 30 Born Vermont
Betsey 28 Born Vermont
Susan 23 Born Vermont
Nancy 20 Born Vermont
2 others in the home, unable to read last names. Looks like it starts with a "K" Ages 19 and 17. There is also Charlie, age 15. All born in Vermont.

Union County Brownsville Twp

Mary A. Dodge 17 Born in Ohio. In home of Irion(?) Roby. 35 Farmer. Born in Ohio
Lake County, Indiana: Center Twp.
Cynthia Dodge age 11 living in the home of:
Welling A. Clark age 34 farmer born New York
Mary C. age 31 born New York
Henry A. age 5 born Indiana
Hellen (missed her age) born Indiana
Charles S. age 2 born Indiana
in same home:
Everlin Sanger age 19 born New York

LakeLake County, Indiana:West Creek Twp.

Henry age 32 farmer born Vermont
Lucretia age 28 born Canada
Cynthia age 12 born Indiana
Rachel age 10 born Indiana
Martcha(??) age 8 Blind
Paul age 6 born Indiana
Henry age 3 born Indiana in same home:
Frederisk C. Wiberly farmer born in Germany
Paul Dodge 69 farmer born New Hampshire
Lake County Indiana: Cedar Creek Twp.:
Riply age 33 farmer born Maine
Zelinda or Belinda age 28 born Maine
Lovieo or Lovico age 6 born Missouri
Masia or Maria age 2 born Indiana
Wayne County, Centre Twp;
Elizabeth Dodge, 23, ( in home of Jacob Brooks) Born Michigan? (hard to read script)
Mary C.. 1, Her name is under Elizabeth's. So they must have both lived in Brooks home. Then there are more Brooks listed under the 2 Dodges
Wayne County, Centerville

Lucinda Dodge 40 servant b. Ohio In home of John Snowman? A lawyer.
Another hard to read name.

Posey County. Mt. Vernon Twp.
Elizabeth Dodge 19 born Indiana in home of Datrius (?) Patmon or Patmore, a carpenter.
Robinson Twp.
Kesiah Dodge 53, female, born North Carolina
Anamias 15, male, born In. Attended school within last yr.
St. Joseph County, Mishawaka Penn Twp.
Harlow Dodge 32 millright Born New York
Elizabeth 26 born Pennsylvania
Mary 3 born Indiana
Wallace 1 or 2 born In Age was written over.
Miami County, Washington Twp.
Jane Dodge 12 born Indiana
Helen Dodge 9 born Indiana
Lomen or Lomila? female 5 born In. Script hard to read.
They are in the home of John Dabney who was born in Indiana
Vermillion County. Vermillion Twp.
James R. Dodge 30 Blacksmith born Massachusetts
Helen M. 29 born Indiana
Charles R. 5 born Indiana
Benja F. 2 born Indiana
Lucinda T.(?) 6 born Indiana
Vigo County. Harrison Twp.
Stephen G. Dodge 34 Lawyer born Connecticut
Harriet S. 34 born New York
White County District 130
Charles 30 Wagon master Born New York
Matilda 30 Born Virginia
Wm. A. 7 Born Indiana
George 8 mos. Born Indiana

Andrew 45 Wool carder Born Ohio
Margaret 50 Born Maryland
R. W. (orN.) 21 Farmer Born Ohio
John 12 Born Ohio
In same home Sarah Black 16 Born. Ohio
Lucius Black 13 Born Ohio
Electa A. 1 Born Indiana