How YOU can help

The Dodge Family Association is committed to having the very best Dodge genealogy available anywhere.  To that end, we collect every bit, all pieces, and all complete genealogy lines that we can find or that people are willing to send to us, from anyplace in the world.

The bits and pieces get put in one of our mystery files OR get posted on one of our request sections.  If the full genealogy lines that we receive based in the North American Continent, they are added to either our John Branch, which contains the genealogy descending from John Dodge of Middle Chinnock, England through his sons William and Richard Dodge, or our Tristram branch of Dodges.  To learn more about these people please click on the links.  If that genealogy is from any place in the rest of the world, it is added to our data base that contains all Dodges not connected with the North American Continent.

You can help by sending us any information you have on yourself and your Dodge ancestors.  If you have hit a brick wall regarding your Dodge ancestors, we will try to the best of our ability, to help you break through that wall.

We can accept your genealogy in almost any format.  E-mail Barbara or Norman with information regarding Dodges from the North American Continent, and e-mail Craig with information regarding Dodges in the rest of the world.