Hiram Marcus Dodge
A Pinkerton Railroad Detective
Hiram Marcus Dodge was the son of Joseph Dodge and Hannah Canfield. Joseph was b. in Whitestown, Oneida County, New York but his ancesters came from Massachusetts and his father was born in Manchester, Massachusetts. Joseph was a millwright and held a leading position in that craft for more than forty years. His skill and accuracy became proverbial and mills designed and built by him were scattered throughout New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Canada, and Colorado. In 1864, he crossed from the Missouri River to Denver, Colorado by stage coach to superintend the building of a quartz mill for Kennard in Colorado. He was also engaged in building Railroad work, especially bridges and was employed by Kennard and McHenry on the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad up to the time of it's completion in 1864.

Children were:

Henry Barton Dodge
Julius Herbert Dodge
Hiram Marcus Dodge
Martin Dodge
ROsa Rachel Dodge
Lillian Janet Dodge

The above two photos are both of Hiram M. Dodge who was a Pinkerton Railroad Detective, and his grandson, Earle Frederick Dodge at 2 months and 2 years.