Abimael Dodge

Calvin Dodge, Stephen R. Dodge, and Abimael Dodge were all located early on in Richland Co., OH, one could assume a connection. Especially with Abimael and Stephen both in Ontario Co., NY, then with Abimael being administrator of Stephen R. Dodge's probate in OH. We cannot find this Stephen R. Dodge listed in any of the Dodge genealogy books, nor have we been able to locate him on an early census, so we have no clue as to his age, etc.

We suspect these names (at least our Abimael) may have been children of Amos Dodge Jr. and wife Huldah DODGE (dau. of Daniel DODGE b. 1727). Has anyone ever confirmed children for this Amos? Has anyone ever run across the Stephen R. Dodge previously? Or the Samuel Dodge that died in the 1830's in Cuyahoga Co., OH?

Abimael DODGE, born 1784 in VT (per 1850 census), died 15 Feb 1860 in Chariton Co., MO.
Betsy REED in Dec. of 1808 in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY.
Betsy was born 1790 in NY, died circa 1845 in St. Joseph Co., MI.
(Betsy being daughter of
Talcott REED of Canandaigua)

Sarah "Sally" Ann DODGE, b. 13 Apr 1813 in NY, d. 29 Jul 1867 in Kent Co.,
MI. Married
Jacob CRONINGER 16 Apr 1832 in Cuyahoga Co., OH.
Almira DODGE, b. 1820 in OH, married Benjamin HYRE 8 Oct 1839 Kalamazoo Co.,MI
Betsy DODGE, b. 29 Aug 1821 in Richland Co., OH, d. 17 Oct 1886 in PhillipsCo., KS.
John B. CHAPMAN on 17 May 1839 in St. Joseph Co., MI (above Benjamin Hyre as witness)
Lucinda DODGE, b. 1826 in OH, married Mr. TOLLS in OH
John Dowen DODGE, b. 24 Feb 1827 in Cuyahoga Co., OH, d. 23 Feb 1892 Chariton Co., MO.
Elvira HISE 8 Apr 1851 in Chariton Co., MO. Fought in CivilWar.
Mary DODGE, b 1830 in Cuyahoga Co., OH, married Augustus MILLER 5 Dec 1848 Kalamazoo Co., MI

Timeline on Abimael DODGE:

-Born 1784 in VT
-Dec. 1808 marriage to
Betsy REED announced in newspaper of Ontario Co., NY, stating they were married in Canandaigua.
-1810 census, Oneida Co., NY, newly married with one young son. (Also in Oneida Co. is
Amos Dodge Jr (son of Amos Dodge and Mary Hull)
-Abimael on land records in Oneida Co., NY, buying and then selling in 1814.
-8 Oct 1814 to 16 Nov1814 enlisted in NY Militia, War of 1812, stating residence as "Oneida, Oneida Co., NY" (Note: Amos DODGE, Jr. (son of Amos and Mary Hull) was in Oneida at this time also).
-24 Dec 1814 "
Stephen R. DODGE" bought 4 1/2 acres in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY.
-25 Jan 1816 Abimael sold 10 acres of land in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY.
-27 Sep 1817 Abimael sold 10 acres of land in Canandaigua, Ontario Co., NY
-late 1817
Stephen R. Dodge reported as first death in his twp, Richland Co.,OH.
-6 Mar 1818 in Richland Co., OH, "
Stephen R. DODGE" probate assessed, with Abimael DODGE as administrator. (mostly blacksmith tools, $92.12)
-April 1818
Abimael DODGE of Jefferson Twp, Richland Co., OH voted in an election.
-Oct 1818-Nov 1918 term of Common Pleas Court, Richland Co., OH, Abimael DODGE given until Feb. 1820 term to finish settling "Stephen R. DODGE"'s accounts.
-1820 federal census, Jefferson Twp, Richland Co., OH.
-July 1824 Mansfield Gazette Newspaper, OH, states Abimael paid $1.85 to the jailer.
-25 Jun 1829, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH newspaper said Abimael found a horse worth $25.00.
-1830 federal census, Euclid, Cuyahoga Co., OH
-17 Mar 1831 Abimael buys land in Euclid, Cuyahoga Co., OH.
-24 Aug 1835 Abimael and
Betsy DODGE sold land, saying they were residents of Euclid, OH.
-1830's, Cuyahoga Co., OH Abimael was administrator for one
Samuel DODGE's estate.
-1837 in Vermillion Twp, Erie Co., OH (per Russell Warner, not confirmed)
-1838 on tax rolls for Brady Twp, Kalamazoo Co., MI.
-1840 federal census, Nottawa Twp, St. Joseph Co., MI
-23 Nov 1843 purchasers property in Mendon Twp, St. Joseph Co., MI.
-1848 sold above land in St. Joseph Co., MI
-1850 federal census, Cascade Twp, Kent Co., MI, living with daughters Sally and Lucinda.
-1857 moved to Chariton co., MO to live with his son
John Dowen DODGE.