Dodge Mail List

This Mail List is for those who are looking for Dodge ancestors. Please do not post other subjects here or other families unless they have Dodge connections. You do not have to be a member of our Association in order to use this feature of our website.

We are happy to have not only those who live in the United States use this list, but also Dodges from other countries.

While we can do a fairly good job of tracking down Dodge ancestors in Canada and the U.S., we are not able to do that for countries outside the North American Continent.

Those of you who live in England, Australia, Tasmania, and all other countries, may do well to post your ancestors here. Our web site is found by Dodges all over the world and is the best site for trying to connect with other Dodges. We do have a World Data Base, but so far it is small, altho we were able to find ancestors in there for three separate Dodge families, here and abroad. We do have more information to add to that data base... the problem is time. Everything done for our association is on a volunteer basis, and right now, those of us who do the volunteering are just buried with geneaogy requests, and other jobs that are neccessry to keep our Association growing and vital.

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