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Maple Grove Cemetery, Frewsburg, NY
The family buried here descended From John Dodge, of Middle Chinnock, Somersetshire, England through his son "Farmer" William who came to Massachusetts in 1629. William was the first Dodge to come to America. His brother, Richard , arrived in 1638.
(Farmer William, John, John, John, Thomas, John, Peter, Lyman, Charles Earnest, Charles Winfield)
Photography by Carol MaKay and Richard Golino
Overview of the Dodge Family Group

Charles Earnest Dodge 1855 - Oct. 6. 1917 - son of Lyman Dodge and Susan E. Dodge.

Florence R. Scowden Dodge, 1854 - Sept. 18, 1933 - This is Florence Russell Young, wife of Charles Earnest Dodge. Her maiden name was Young and middle name was Russell.

Another side of the Stone for Florence. This side has Edward b. 1818 and his wife, b. 1820. Hannah Armstrong. BUT in our research the name given for the parents of Edward is Simon Snowden and Hannah Armstrong.
He married Mary Jane Russell and they had five children, the youngest of whom, Frank Riland Scowden married Florence Russell Young and they had a son, Edward W. Scowden (assumed to be Edward Work Scowden II). This is Edward Work Scowden, born 27 Apr 1916 was the son of Simon Scowden and.

Charles Winfield Dodge, M.D., 1889 - Mar 12, 1951 - Charles was the son of Charles Earnest Dodge and Florence Russell Young and the grandson of Lyman and Susan E. Dodge. and the husband of Adeline Blanche Jaquins

Adaline Blanche (Jaquins) Dodge, 1888 - Aug. 3, 1951- Adaline was the wife of Dr. Charles Winfield Dodge

Alice M. 1891 - Sept 21. 1891, Dau of Charles Earnest Dodge and Florence Russell Young

Peter D. Dodge, 1836 - Oct. 10, 1910 - son of Lyman and Susan Dodge

Susan E. Dodge - 1818 - Mar. 28, 1894 - wife of Lyman Dodge. Her maiden name was Baird

William E. 7/15/1883 - 1/8/1906 - William was another grandson of Lyman and Susan. He was the son of Charles Earnest Dodge and his 1st wife, Nellie C. Paine.