Quabbin Park Cemetery, Ware,
Hampshire County, Massachusetts
Photography by Richard Syriac

tombstone tombstone
In Memory of Mr. Nathaniel Dodge, d. July 21, 1814, age 50 In Memory of Anna (Hill) Dodge, wife of Mr. Nath'l Dodge, who died May 15, 1821, AE 59 yrs. Burial Record for Anna Hill Dodge
Elison Dodge, son of Nathaniel & Anna. Elison Dodge, burial record
tombstone tombstone tombstone tombstone tombstone
Achsah Dodge, dau of Nathaniel & Anna Jonas Dodge, son of Nathaniel and Anna Hill. Jonas Dodge Burial Record Abel Dodge, son of Daniel & Esther

Esther J. Packard, dau of Samuel H. Packard & Sarah Ann Dodge.
tombstone tombstone tn150_ tombstone tombstone
Sarah A. Dodge, dau of Elison Hollis Dodge, Son of Elison. Hollis Dodge burial record Elizabeth Conkey Gold, wife of Hollis Dodge Elizabeth Conkey Gold, burial record

Esther Bartlett, wife of Elison Dodge.