Newcastle, Maine
Dodge Cemetery, Lynch Road

The photos in the top row were taken by Janice Boyd Young,  grand-daughter of Charlotte, who writes, "This is a little Dodge family cemetery. Everyone buried here is a Dodge.

The rest of the photos were taken by Sandy Tibbetts.


The first two photos are the front and back  of the gravestone of Charlotte (Lottie) R (Dodge) Boydon. Her parents were Winthrop Dodge II, and Mary Light. She was born Apr 17 1876 and died Nov 1919.  She married Claence A. Boyd. Her stone was in back behind her mother's and father's stone and as it had Boyd on the stone it wasn't listed as a Dodge. Everyone buried in that cemetary is a Dodge. My brother Lawrence Boyd, when he had his place in Newcastle, used to keep the graves mowed along with his cousin Ken Boyd. My brother is in bad health and has sold his place in Maine and lives in MA.  My grandmother died in 1919 and I never had the pleasure of meeting her. Her photo is the third picture.  The fourth photo is Charlotte's brother, Clarence Dodge with his wife Emily Alveta (Jordan). Clarence C Dodge was born Aug 23 1877 and died April 29 1960. He was a twin and his twin's name was Clara C Dodge b. Aug 23 1877 and she died Mar 5 1939.
#1. Winthrop Dodge d. June 29, 1886 age 53 yrs. [son of #666-1]
#2. Mary E., wife of Winthrop Dodge d. Jan. 21, 1911 age 72 yrs. (This was Mary  Light)
#3. Sullivan p. Dodge d. Mar. 28, 1892 age 29 years 6 months;
#4. Rev. H. D. Dodge d. Dec. 5, 1892 age 28 years 5 months 12 days
#5. Emma, daughter of Winthrop and M E Dodge d. Apr 17, 1885 age 4 years 6 months
Location: Dodge Cemetery, Lynch Rd., Newcastle, ME
#6 Back side of Emma's stone
#7. Enoch Dodge 1827-1903 [son of 666-1] Almira E. his wife 1831-1904; On reverse of monument: Norman C. Dodge 1858-1944; Location: Dodge Cemetery, Lynch Rd., Newcastle
#8. Harland R. Dodge d. Apr. 1, 1889 age 27 years 5 months & 17 days

#9. Bessie B. Dodge d. Dec. 12, 1910 age 38 years;
#10. Franklin R. Dodge d. Aug. 17, 1867; also 2 infants d. Feb. 10, 1865 and Apr. 18, 1868, children of Enoch & Almira E. Dodge
#11a & b. Stone fallen and not legible - once read: Enoch Dodge d. Oct. 9, 1853 age 62 years 6 months [666-1] according to Maine Old Cemetery Association
#12. Broken stone, part lying in grass, part standing: Eliza, wife of Enoch Dodge died March 31, 1876 age 79 years 2 months

#13. Bottom part of Eliza Dodge's stone (left), Julia A. Dodge's stone (right)
#14. Julia A.[Dodge] [dau of 666-1], wife of Hartley G. Williams d. July 29, 1855 age 40 yrs 6 mos
#15. Brother, Sullivan p. Dodge [ son of 666-1], d. Sept. 16, 1872 age 53 years
#16. Jane Dodge [dau. of 666-1], wife of H. K. Wentworth, d. Sept. 29, 1889, age 59 years