Islesborough, Maine
The oldest Dodge Cemetery

This ground was used as a cemetery by at least two of the children of the first Dodge family
to come to Islesborough; the famiy of Simon Dodge and his wife, Prudence Rose.
Their sons, Noah and Joseph, and some of the family of each of those brothers are
buried here. There are also stones with dates in the mid-1800s that were extended family.
We are wondering if perhaps there were quite a few more people buried here including
Simon. This cemetery is on a bluff looking over Dark Harbor. It is apparent that when there
are bad storms, they wreak havoc here, so it may be that others are buried but the stones
are missing due to weather or even vandalism.
From the left:
1. The locked gate; the rest of the way has to be done on foot
2. A sign at the foot of the pole by the entrace into the woods, has the name Boardman on it, and says that thisis private property. However, because there is a cemetery in there, you do have the right to take this path.
3. A view of the path itself as it leaves the dirt road.

Joshua Dodge
married (1)Berilla Pendleton (2) Betsey Steward

In Memory of Phebe Dodge - March 18??
The rest is unreadable
This is the daughter of Noah Dodge who was born Nov.5,1807 and d. Mar. 26,1823

In Memory of Noah Dodge who died July 23d, 1816 in the 54th year of his age.

This photo and the one to the left are the same.

In Memory of Noah Dodge who died March 17, 1823, age 22 yrs. and 2 days
This is the son of Noah and Rosanna Dodge

Martha, d. Mar. 1859, age 8 weeks
Margaret, d. Sept. 13, 1859
Twin daughters of Martha Dodge and Eben Babbidge

Grace A.
Dau of ---- and Lydia p. Dodge

The 'p' probably stands for Pendleton but we do not have info on this
Dodge family

This is the same stone as the one to the left but a little different view. Lydia's husband was a Joseph Dodge. see the inscription for the stone to the right.

Lydia E.
Dau of Joseph Dodge and Lydia p. Dodge

Died Apr. 10, 1852

Another view of the stone to the left.

This stone is totally unreadable.

Another view of the stone for Joshua Dodge.


This could possibly be a stone for Prudence (Rose) Dodge, the wife of Simon, the first Dodge family to arrive here.

This stone laying at the foot of this tree is totally unreadable.

Elizabeth, wife of Joshua Dodge
Died Nov. 4, 1865
Aged 72 years 7(?)mos, 4 days

This was 'Betsey' Steward, the 2nd wife of Joshua

This is the base for a stone, and probably was for the one to the left, or the stone for Joshua which is leaning against a tree a little distance away.


We believe this is probably a footstone for one of the young Noah Dodge who died in 1823