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Maine Cemeteries with Dodges but no photos
If you would like to photo the stones in these cemeteries and send them to us either as hard copies, or as jpgs attached to an e-mail, we will give you a years membership in the Dodge Family Association.

Burnham, Maine, Mount Cemetery, Mount Road,
DODGE, 1 Stone
George J. Dodge Feb. 28,1837- Apr. 18, 1913
Charlotte his wife June 15,1846- Mar.28, 1905
(Left side of stone) Alonzo F. Dodge Sept. 3, 1847- Apr. 18, 1913
(Right side of stone) Aurilla Butters Apr.26, 1835- July 8, 1908

Arnold p. Dodge d. Mar.5,1872 51y 3m 18d
Drusilla his wife d.March 27,1900 Ag.78yrs 5mo 11d
Myra Lillian their Dau. d. Oct. 28,1893 36yrs 11m 13d

Dea.Daniel Dodge d.Apr.18,1862 Ag.66yrs10mo
Azubah his wife d.Sept. 20, 1868 Ag.68yrs
Children of Daniel and Azubah Dodge
Lumous d.Aug.10,1828 Ag.1mo
Sulivan B. d.May 24,1829 Ag.3weeks
Washington d.July 8,1834 Ag.1 day
Infant son d.Dec.20,1840

Susan J. wife of Allen L. Dodge d.Dec.24,1866, Ag.29yrs4mo

Bradford Dodge d. July 21,1903 Ag.73yrs
Prudence A. his wife Apr.12,1884 Ag.45yrs 3mo 15

Nicholas Dodge Dec.10,1827 77yrs
Elizabeth his wife March 8, 1841 74yrs.
Mary A. daug.of Nicholas & Elizabeth Dodge d. Jan.12,1852 Ag.14yrs 3mo
Nicholas Dodge Jr. d. Aug. 2 ,1855 Ag.57yrs. 6 mo

Elisha Dodge d.Dec.29 1866 78yrs 8 mo
His wife Mary Dodge July 5, 1866 Ag.69yrs. 9mo

William Dodge (Broken Stone)
Rhoda wife of William Dodge d.Mar.22,1875 Ag.80yrs 6days
Edward Dodge d.June 28,1848 Ag.31.

Albert son of Isreal W. & Martha Dodge d. Mar. 15, 1848 Ag.1 yr.8 mo 14d
Herbert G. son of Isreal & Martha Dodge March 15, 1848 1yr 8mo 14d

Eva L. daug. of Francis and Ellen Dodge d.Mar.12, 1888 Ag.17yrs 10 mo

Herbert N. Dodge son of Nelson & Elmira W. Dodge d. 1868

DODGE, 1 Stone
Dea. N.p. Dodge d. Feb 15 1879 78yrs 2 mo
Charlotte his wife d. Sept. 18 1869 64 yrs
Greenlief d. May 18, 1849 13yrs 8m
Ruel G. d. Sept.29, 1850 11 weeks
Mary A. Emery 1878-1902
Judith S. Emery 1842-1912

Caleb Dodge Feb. 26, 1857 76yrs
Abagail his wife Sept. 21, 1848 64yrs
Erie son of Caleb & Abagail Dodge Oct. 8, 1850 36yrs.

Oakes Dodge July 29, 1906 47yrs
Lula his wife Sept. 3, 1948 72yrs
Lillian their Dau. Aug. 17, 1913
A. Hathron July 18, 1921 71yrs

Darold C. Dodge 12yrs

George Dodge 1804-1869
His wife Prudence 1812-1890
Flora Etta dau. Jan. 7, 1864 11yrs 8 mo
Prudence M. d.Aug. 5, 1843 3yrs 11 mo
Mary E. d. Aug 14, 1846 2yrs 1mo
Lorin Dodge 1842-1863
Dyer Cemetery, West Freeman Township
From the village of Strong, take the road straight north to Freeman. Turn left instead of right to True Hill past as abandoned school - Crosby School - as far as the last house on the road on the right side. Leave car and walk a half mile more or less, down one hill and up another. The cemetery is on the left side of road...high above it and with a brook by the road.
Benjamin Dodge, d. Sept. 9, 1847 Ae 83
Polly Dodge, his wife, d. May 6, 1848 Ae 83
Dorcas, wife of Samuel Dodge, d. July 28, 1901 Ae 75 y. 5m.
Samuel Dodge, d. Aug. 28, 1975 Ae 70 y. 5m.
Mary Ann, wife of Samuel Dodge, d. Feb. 16, 1841 Ae 32
Martha A., dau. of Samuel and EUnice Dodge, d. Aug. 12, 1859 Ae 17
Eunice Dodge, wife of Samuel Dodge d. July 21, 1850 Ae 83
East New Portland, Maine Cemetary
Bernard T. Dexter b. Aug.12,1879 d.Oct.7,1950
Vernetta Z. Dodge, wife, b. Mar.7,1898 d. Nov.4,1987
Freedom, Waldo County, Maine, Pleasant Hill Cemetery,
Alice T. Dodge (Sibley), b. 1844, d. 1928, daughter of William Geroge and Nancy (Russell) Sibley, and the wife of Daniel W. Dodge
Charles H. Dodge, b. 1837 and died Nov. 23, 1899, son of Henry and Frances (Williams) Dodge.. (Henry Dodge, b. Damariscotta or Edgecomb, Maine, Frances Williams born Thomaston, Maine
Daniel W. Dodge, died March 30, 1921, age 78 years, 3 months, 15 days; son of Dea. Henry and Frances S. (WIlliams) Dodge; husbanc of Alice T. Sibley; (daughter Winifred A. Dodge b. July 11, 1887 married Arthur p. Sapson)
Estelle T. Dodge, b. 1869, and d. 1888, daughter of Daniel W. and Alice T. (Sibley) Dodge
Frances E. Dodge, b. 1830 and d. 1847; daughter of Dea. Henry and Frances S. (Williams) Dodge
Frances S. (Williams) b. 1800 and d. 1862; wife of Dea. Henry Dodge
Dea. Henry Dodge, b. 1805 and d. 1862 (born Damariscotta or Edgecomb, Maine. Died Freedom, Maine. Husband of Frances S. Williams.
Freeman, Maine, Brackley Cemetery
DODGE, Benjamin d. 09-09-1847 agge 83y (flag), War of 1812
Polly his wife d. 05-06-1848 age 83y

Samuel d. 08-28-1875 age 70y 5m
Mary Ann T. his 1st wife d. 02-16-1841 age 52y
Eunice G. his 2nd wife d. 07-21-1850 age 33y
Dorcas A. his 3rd wife d. 07-28-1901 age 75y 5m
Martha A. dau of S. & E. Dodge d. 08-12-1859 age 17y
Hunter Cemetery, Strong
also called Hannibal Hunter Cemetery, New Vineyard, Maine

There are two private cemeteries in Strong called HUNTER. We call this one #1. Take the South Strong Road out of Farmington (route 149). After passing the Gay Cemetery on the left, take the 1st dirt road on the right. When you come to a sign marked Streeter, continue straight NOT take the right fork there!. Soon the cemetery appears on the right. Time was when this was a country road and one could continue through but now it is a dead end just beyond the cemetery which lies on the right. This road does not allow for passing after the Streeter sign and is negoitated best in a jeep. There are also, buried here, Spaulings, Hunters, Corbetts and Lockharts.
DODGE, Aphia M., dau. of Wm. p. & D. C. DODGE, d. 4-5-1870 age 3y
DODGE, I. Irvin, son of L. E. C. & A. M. DODGE, d. 3-30-1885 age 7m 13d
DODGE, Ira K. d. 6-11-1911 age 80y 3m, live, his wife d. 11-5-1869 age 33y;
Cordelia G., his 2nd wife d. 3-16-1914 age 78y 6m 2d
DODGE , William d. 6-17-1871 age 70y
Keziah, his wife d. 6-17-1859 age 54y 3m
Kingfield, Maine, Sunnyside Cemetery
DODGE, Charles E. 1864 - 1956
Lillian, his wife 1876 - 1941

DODGE, Clara L. (see James B. Trenholm lot)

DODGE, Phillip S. 10-11-1901 - 1-20-1951 (flag)
Marion Plummer, his wife 2-15-1897 - 8-22-1967

DODGE, Woodrow W. 1914 -
Irene Lillian Ladd, his wife 1920 -
Louise, dau. 2-5-1951 - 1-6-1951

TRENHOLM, James B. 1903 - 1977
Clara L. Dodge, his wife 1909 -
Charles D., son 2-12-1930 - 6-26-1993
Joseph L., son 1947 – 1948
Livermore, Maine, Twin Bridges Cemetery
DODGE, James d. 08-06-1877 age 70y
Rachel his wife d. 08-06-1877 age 71y
Salem, Maine, Mount Abram Cemetery
DODGE, William W. d. 9-25-1873 age 77y 10m
Cynthia, his wife d. 12-11-1859 age 61y 6m 13d
Charles M., their son d. 8-6-1860 age 25y

James H. 11-24-1825 - 4-20-1894
Mary H., his wife d. 10-6-1861 age 26y 6m
Strong, Maine, Village Cemetery
DODGE, Benj. 1858 - 1933
Cora H. his wife 1874 - 1953

Fred Emerson their son 08-16-1892 - 08-05-1956, CFR 668 Aero Sq. WW-I (flag)
Laura V. Luce his wife 1890 - 1960
Benj. Warren their son 1903 - 1975
June Haskell his wife 1906 - 1960

DODGE, Joel W. d. 09-06-1858 age 27y 11m 11d
Clementine T. wife of Willison Clark formerly wife of Joel W. Dodge d. 11-30-1879 age 53y 6m
Eva E. their dau. 04-28-1856 - 06-02-1926

DODGE, Jos. O. 09-25-1830 - 06-03-1895 (flag); Co. G 12th Regt. Me. Vol.
Elizabeth A. his 1st wife d. 10-18-1861 age 29y
Olive C. True his 2nd wife 09-29-1840 - 06-13-1924

DODGE, Rosa R. see Loring T. Hunter lot

DODGE, Sarah V. see Dennis E. Clark lot

DODGE, Warren 02-00-1867 - 03-00-1897
Emma Bunnell his wife 12-00-1866 - 05-00-1947

DODGE, Winfield S. 1866 - 1931
Flora E. Beal his wife 1872 – 1966

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