The Dodge Family Association

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Born April 30, 1950
Corporal, US Army
Died June 14, 1969, Thua Thien, South Vietnam

Corporal Dodge was killed in a ground attack.
Read a remembrance by his sister.

Letters from Michael
sent to us by Michael's sister, Marianne Dodge, who wrote:
"Read these with the knowledge that my brother was a comedian at heart...he's not being
strange because of the war....that was just the way he always acted. Making fun, using
sarcasm and going off doing his 'stand-up' routine. Enjoy...he's pretty funny, if I do
say so myself.

First Basic training letter
undated_Basic training letter
Basic training letter, July 7, 1968
Basic training letter, July 14, 1968
Medic training letter, Sept. 23, 1968
February 6, 1969
February 9a, 1969
February 9b, 1969
March 13, 1969
March 20, 1969
March 21, 1969
April 16, 1969
May 6, 1969
May 19, 1969
Last Letter Home "We heard Mike was missing in action then told the next day (the 15th) that he had been killed..we received this last letter on the 16th. On occassion Mike would close his letters with 'The End', but it took an entirely different meaning with his last letter.
Consolation Letter
Medals Letter
Nixon Letter