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New Hampshire Marriages to 1901
Excerpted from New Hampshire Vital Records

Recorded by Martha Altemus

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ABIGAIL, Greenfield, Hiram Hardy b. Greenfield, d. Frances M. Hardy m. Charles A. Bales 1859 Greenfield
ABIGAIL, Bath, Page Blane, Bath Jan. 1, 1807 Bath
ABIGAIL, Ezekiel Upton, Amherst, June 15, 1803
ABIGAIL, born Beverly and Livermore Langdell born Beverly, s. Livermore Langdell, married 1867 New Boston
ABIGAIL, Tamworth, Mark Newman of Andover, Nov. 5, 1814 Tamworth
ABIGAIL, New Boston, McNeil Ferson, Fancistown Dec. 6, 1814, New Boston
ABIGAIL, Bedford, Rodney M. Rollins, Bedford, s. Rodney F. Rollins, m. 1897 Bedford
ABIGAIL, Levi Healey, Feb. 17, 1793, Hampton Falls
ABIGAL, New Boston, Moses Balch, New Boston Sept. 13, 1798, New Boston
ABIGAL, New Boston,James Mannahan of Francistown, Aug. 21, 1814, New Boston
ABBIE MARIA, Grafton, Vt., Walter S.Hemenway, Grafton, Vt., s. Sidney Charles Hemenway, married 1895 Walpole
ABBIE p., Newburyport Mass., Wallace Hanscom, New York, Apr. 22, 1862
ABBIE p. of Henniker, Joel Curtis of Windsor Nov. 28, 1849 Windsor
ABBIE, Rodney M. Rollins b. Bedford d. Eliza D. Rollins m. Edward A. Porter 1887 Bedford
ABBIE, Lowell, Stephen Ballard, Hooksett Oct. 18, 1852, Nashua
ABBIE L., Raymond, Levi L. H. Taylor of Haverhill Oct. 12, 1876, George L. and Hannah Dodge, Raymond
ABBIE M. or N., Mount Holly, Vt., Walter S. Hemenway, Mount Holly, Vt. Jan. 1, 1864 Charlestown
ABBY R., Londonderry, Rodney M. Rollins, Nashua Oct. 31, 1848, Londonderry
ACHSA, b. New Boston, Rodney George b. Sunapee, s. John Atwood George m. 1883 Newbury
ACHSAH, New Boston, Rodney George, Wendall, Mar. 15, 1832 New Boston
ADA E., Exeter, Jacob H. Carter, E. Kingston, Jan. 13, 1871
ADA L., South Reading, Vt., Alden S. Sawyer, b. Plymouth, Vt. d. Gertrude E. Sawyer m. Arthur L. Brooks 1900 Manchester
ADA S., Reading Vt., Alden S. Sawyer, b. Plymouth, Vt., July 3, 1877
ADALINE, Dalton, Nath. B. Atherton of Dalton in Dalton July 11, 1830
ADDIE, Lunenberg, Vt., Bert Sampson, Whitefield Aug. 16, 1884, Stephen Dodge, Littleton
ADDIE E., Nashua, Charles I. Richards, Nashua Sept. 18, 1891, Oliver and Addie Dodge, Nashua
ADDIE E., Milford, Willis H. Kimball of Milford Sept. 9, 1890 Frederick W. and Emma Jane Dodge of Milford
ADDIE M., Stoddard, Herbert C. McIlvin, Antrim, Dec. 26, 1892, William and Hattie M. (Richardson) Dodge of Antrim
ADDIE M., Henniker, George F. Currier, Henniker, Oct. 19, 1874
ADDIE R., b. Henniker, Albert C. Clark, b. Henniker, d. Hattie J. Clark m. Walter A. Vickery 1886 Henniker
ADDIE R., Henniker, m. Albert C. Clark, Henniker, Oct. 4, 1864, Carleton and Delilah Dodge, Henniker
ADELADE E., Greenfield, Albert A. Smith, Peterborough, Oct. 26, 1875, L. & S. Dodge, Peterborough
ADELENE, Newbury, Alfred H. Nichols, Newbury June 7, 1848 Newbury
ADELINE, Barnet, Vt. and Moses Moon Jr., Bath, Mar. 14, 1832, Bath
ADELINE b. Newbury, Alfred H. Nichols b. Amherst, d. Emma Frances Nichols m. Weston Cheney 1890 Newbury
ADELINE, b. Newbury NH, Alfred H. Nichols, b. Amherst, NH, s. George Lewellyn Nicholas m. 1883 Newbury
ALICE I., Lyman, Herbert D. Noyes, Landaff, Mar. 23,1882, Moody and Sallie H. Dodge of Landaff
ALICE K., Antrim, Charles E. Kendall, Milford, Mar. 4, 1885
ALICE MARY, b. Canaan, Joseph Albert Chipman, b. Boston, Ma., d. Florence G. Leavitt m. Gilman Dane Chapman 1900, New Market
ALMA Haverhill, Charles Woods, Haverhill, d. Myrtie Woods, m. int. filed Edgar Hutchins 1892 Haverhill
ALMA Piermont, Charles A. Woods, Haverhill, Dec. 26, 1871, Hamilton and Mehitable (Hamlet) Dodge of Haverhill
ALMA Haverhill, Charles A. Woods, Haverhill, d. Gertrude R. Woods m. Oren L. Day 1897 Piermont
ALMINA, Marlboro, Lorenzo Streeter, Marlboro, Aug. 23 (no year given), Bethuel and Lydia M. Green of Marlborough
ALMIRA G., Derry, William D. Clark, Derry Nov. 18, 1830, Derry
ALMIRA, Hiram O. Stevens, d. Stella J. Stevens. m. Joseph Loud 1882 Wakefield
ALMIRA J., b. Lyman, Hiram O. Stevens b. Orford, s. Herbert D. Stevens m. 1892
ALURA, Stoddard, Abraham p. Nichols, Stoddard, July 17, 1835, Stoddard
AMANDA, Lebanon, Granville C. Gilmore, Weston, Vt., s. Granville A. Gilmore m. 1862 Candia
AMY, Gilsum, Josiah Grimes, Gilsum, June 16, 1846, Stoddard
ANGILINA M., b. Stoddard, William L. Taylor, Bennington, d. Addie M. Taylor m. William H. Carter 1893 Bennington
ANGELINE, b. Stoddard, W. L. Taylar, Bennington, s. Frank A. Taylar, m. 1894 Bennington
ANN, Stoddard, Justus Heath, Stoddard, Mar. 27, 1842 Stoddard
ANN, b. Edgecomb, Me., Silas Soule, born Woolwick Me. s. Elias B.Soule m. 1889 Hollis
ANN, Stark, m. Andrew Cole, Stark, Mar. 10, 1839, Stark
ANN E., Portsmouth, m. Moses H. Goodrich, Portsmouth, Jan. 9, 1842
ANN E., Grantham, Kimball D. Barton, Croydon Dec. 9, 1884, Joshua & Esther J. (Witherspoon) Dodge, Croydon
ANNA, James Buckmaster, Francistown, Nov. 23, 1815, New Boston
ANNA, New Boston, Favid (sic) Buxton, Weare Dec. 20, 1807, New Boston
ANNA E., New Boston, Isaac A. Manning, Jonstwon (sic), Vt. Mar. 21, 1843, New Boston
ANNA E., South Weare, Lyman W. Griffin, Boston, Ma., June 3, 1885, Henry C. & Harriet M. (Porter) Dodge, Weare
ANNA M., Amos B. Tewksbury, W. Randolph, Vt. July 19, 1864, Nashua
ANNA S., Antrim, Dr. Edwin A. Colburn, Nashua, June 16, 1861, Alvah & Lydia (Eliot) Dodge, Antrim
ANNETTE A., b. Springfield Vt, George W. Berry, Franklin, d. Annie M. Berry m. Guy G. Flanders 1896 Franklin
ANNIE, Springfield, Mass. & Celon I. Ball, Brattleboro, Vt. Oct. 25, 1863 Hinsdale
ANNIE B., Boston, Ma., Ivory M. Richardson, Chelsea, Mass. July 7, 1881, James Dodge, Keene
ANNIE F., Nashua, David B. Jesseman, Nashua, June 13, 1883
ANNIE G., New Boston, Arthur W. Holt, New Boston, June 21, 1899
ARVILLA, Charlestown, John Fiske, Charlestown, Dec. 31, 1861, Charlestown
ARVILLA L., Acworth, John Fisk, Acworth, d. Flora R. Fisk m. William H. Booth, 1900, Marlow
ASCENATH, New Boston, Jacob H. Richards, New Boston Dec. 24, 1829, New Boston
ASCENATH, b. New Boston, Jacob H. Richards, b. New Boston, s. Frank S. Richards, m. 1867, New Boston
ASCENATH, Temple, Silas Keys, Temple, m. Apr. 2, 1834, Nelson
AUGUSTA S., Elbridge T. Currier Oct. 20, 1853, Manchester
AUNNELIA, Lempster, Jon T. Mitchell, Acworth, Nov. 6, 1869
AURELIA C. Whitefield, John Q. A. Libby Whitefield, Mar. 12, 1857, Baker Dodge Whitefield
AURELIA C. Whitefield, J. Q. A. Libby Whitefield, s. Elmer p. Libbey m. 1893 Whitefield
AVIS V. of Candia and Moses Palmer, Sept. 22, 1839, Chester
AZUBA, Bath, David Lewis, Francestown,Nov. 21, 1844, Francestown
AZUBA, Bath, Erastus Fisk, Bath, Apr. 8, 1846, Bath
BATHSHEBA, Westmoreland, Salmon Cole, Westmoreland Feb. 9, 1786, Westmoreland
BELLE M., Goshen, Joseph C. Winter of Goshen, Dec. 22, 1894, J. Lyman and Mary Ann (Rowe) Dodge
BERTHA ALMA, Keene, Charles Levi Derby, Keene, Nov. 22,1897, Elmer Dexter and Abbie Adella (Reed) Dodge,Keene
BERTHA M., Lowell, Ma., Allen G. Stacy, Lowell, July 13,1800, Henry & Margaret (Murphy) Dodge of Newmarket BESSIE E., Manchester, George E. Hill, Manchester Nov. 21, 1900, Frederick M. & Ida (Collin) Dodge of Manchester BETSEY,, Hancock, Benjamin Severance, Sharon, Aug. 19, 1805, Hancock BETSEY,, Littleton, William H. H. Millen, Littleton, s. William H. H. Millen Jr., m. 1891 Littleton BETSEY, S., Manchester, Ezra E. Lull, Manchester, Oct. 25, 1845, Goffstown BETSEY,, Exeter, Benjamin Leavitt, Exeter, July 1, 1804, Exeter
BETSEY,, New Boston, John Kelly, New Boston, May 10, 1812, New Boston
BETSEY,, Hebron, Oliver B. Kidder, Hebron, Oct. 31, 1820, Hebron
BETSEY,, New Boston, Phineas Dodge, New Boston, Aug. 2, 1812, New Boston
BETSEY, N., b. Weare, Jacob Burt b. Andover, s. Henry J. Burt, m. 1856 or 66 (not legible), Francestown
BETSEY,, Hopkinton, Townsend Potter, Lebanon, Oct. 3, 1819, Hopkinton
BETSEY,, Newbury, Hugh Wilson, Hartland Vt., Feb. 8, 1804 Goffstown
BETSEY,, Henniker, Ezra E. Lull, b. Weare, s. Gust J. Lull, m. 1878, Weare
BETSY,, Acworth, Hugh Hennery, Acworth, July 28, 1802, Marlow (dup.)
BETSY,, Deering, John Gregg, Deering, Mar. 20, 1827, Deering
BETSY,, Nathaniel Bradley, about 1812, Plaistow
BETSY,, Acworth, Hugh Henry, Acworth, July 28, 1802, Marlow
BLANCH E., Littleton, Clark W. Corser, Littleton, June 1, 1895, Leander and Mary J. (Adair) Dodge, Littleton
BLANCHE L., Stoddard, Henry A. Coolidge, Hancock, Sept. 2, 1895, Edward B. & Laura J. (Woods) Dodge, Hancock
CAROLINE, Manchester, Alfred B. Soule, b. Middleboro, Mass. s. Henry D. Soule m. 1899 Manchester
CAROLINE, Manchester, A. B. Soule, Manchester Dec. 17, 1848, Manchester
CAROLINE, Concord, Vt., Stephen Morrill, Grafton, Ill. Feb. 18, 1854, Lyman
CAROLINE A. DODGE, Samuel E. Fiske, Dec. 28, 1866, Claremont
CAROLINE G. DODGE, Exeter, Augustus W. Seamans, Exeter, Oct. 23, 1839, Exeter
CARRIE MAY DODGE, Andover, Charles Manson Giffield, Bradford, Vt., Dec. 18, 1894, Solomon & Mary E. (Cristie) Dodge, Andover
CATHERINE A. DODGE, Jaffrey, Jonathan Clark, Jaffrey, Aug. 7, 1862, James and Hannah (Clark) Dodge, Jaffrey
CATHERINE D. DODGE, Exeter, Staphen (sic) Badger Jr., Exeter, Jan. 2, 1848, Exeter
CATY DODGE, New Grantham, Sherburn Brown, Stanstead, Lower Canada, Mar. 2, 1867, Grantham
CHARLOTTE DODGE, Winchester, Elisha Smith, Jr., Winchester, Jan. 20, 1796, Winchester
CHARLOTTE DODGE, Croydon, John Stockwell, Croydon, June 12, 1830, Croydon
CHARLOTTE DODGE, Sandwich, John M. Smith, Sandwich, s. Samuel S. Smith m. 1862, Sandwich
CLARA E. DODGE, Mont Vernon, Fred A. Holt, Milford, Apr. 12, 1899, Henry Francis & Laura R. (Parker) Dodge, Milford
CLARA F. DODGE, Francestown, Charles F. Davis, Francestown, Feb. 18, 1880, Adoniram J. & Melinda Dodge, Francestown
CLARA J. DODGE, Manchester, Orrin H. Leavitt, Manchester, Dec. 23, 1891, Manchester
CLARA M. DODGE, Stoddard, Duncan R. Ashford, Francestown, Oct. 20, 1887, Edward B. and Laura J. Dodge, Francestown
CLARISA B. DODGE, Lowell, Mass., Henry R. Howe, Grantham, Oct. 22, 1891, William and Lucinda (Stockwell) Dodge, Grantham
CLARISSA DODGE, William Rollins, Walpole, no date given
CLARISSA DODGE, Cornish, Abel Bunnell, Claremont, Oct. 7, 1823, Claremont
CLARISSA DODGE, Cornish, Caleb bunnell, Claremont, Nov. 15, 1827, Claremont
CLARISSA L. DODGE, Hampton Falls, Charles R. Brown, Newton Centre, Mass., Nov. 27, 1884, John W. Dodge, Hampton Falls
CLEMENTINA DODGE, b. Plainfield, Clarence Reynolds, b. Hanover, s. Norman Reynolds, m. 1892, Hanover
CORA DODGE, Lunenburg, Vt., Benjamin Vinnott, Lincoln, June 18, 1898, Hazen & Almeda Dodge, Lincoln
CORA A. S. DODGE, Manchester, Allan A. Morrill or Merrill, Chicago, Illinois, Mar. 22, 1883, George & Adelaide Dodge, Manchester
CORA B., DODGE, Newport, Clarence C. Fisher, New Whatcom (sic), June 28, 1892, L. F. & SARAH A. (Colby) Dodge, Newport
CORDELIA DODGE, J. G. Carter, Lyman, s. W. E. Carter, m. 1895, Lisbon
CORNELIA DODGE, John Hazen Scales, Dec. 13, 1821, Bath
DELIA J. DODGE, Antrim, Charles W. Flanders, Lawrence, Mass., May 18, 1869, Amos and M. B. Dodge, Antrim
DOLLY DODGE, Chesterfield, Lewis Sylvester, Chesterfield, Feb. 8, 1818, Chesterfield
DORCAS DODGE, Nathan Richardson, Jan. 1, 1788, Stoddard
DORCAS S. DODGE, Jonathan Stickney, b. Pelham, d. Emily J. Stickney, m. Alenthus A. Simpson, 1860, Windham
EDNAH DODGE, New Boston, John Shirley, New Boston, Dec. 21, 1826, New Boston
EFFA J. DODGE, Littleton, James A. Pariss, Boston, Mass., Apr. 15, 1893, Clarence L. & Lucy E. (Fisk) Dodge, Littleton
ELDORA M. DODGE, Litchfield, John Parker, Litchfield, Apr. 16, 1867, Benjamin & Eliza (Kimball) Dodge, Manchester
ELEANOR DODGE, Thomas Needham, July 18, 1811, Mont Vernon
ELEANOR E. DODGE, Manchester, Charles A. Newell, Manchester, Apr. 20, 1897, Charles A. & Alfretta (Merrell) Dodge, Manchester
ELIZA DODGE, Boscawen, Abiel Gerrish, Canterbury, Jan. 7, 1830, Boscawen
ELIZA DODGE, Jerome Blood, b. Deering, s. Frank J. Blood, m. 1873, Nashua
ELIZA DODGE, Goshen, Lemuel Blood, Goshen, Aug. 1842 (no date), Goshen
ELIZA DODGE, born Wenham, Mass., Benjamin F. Hawkins, b. Tamworth, s. Edwin D. Hawkins, m. 1861 Tamworth
ELIZA A. DODGE, Manchester & Charles McKean, Manchester, July 4, 1866, Levi & Eliza Dodge, Manchester
ELIZA ANN DODGE, Grantham, Edward D. Pitts, Grantham, May 24, 1836, Bradford
ELIZA J. DODGE, Dummerston, Vt., Herbert Dudley Chesterfield, June 5, 1878, Lyman, Jane (Flanders) Hews-Chesterfield
ELIZA JANE DODGE, New Boston, James Cristy, Somersworth, June 3, 1830, New Boston
ELIZABETH DODGE, Winchester, Isaac Atwood, Warwick, Mass, Apr. 19, 1785, Winchester
ELIZABETH DODGE, Claremont, Solon Clapp, Claremont, Dec. 1, 1836, Claremont
ELIZABETH DODGE, New Boston, William p. Davis, New Boston, Nov., 5, 1840, New Boston
ELIZABETH DODGE, Jonathan Whitcher, Jr., no date, Atkinson
ELIZABETH DODGE, Haverhill, Jonathan Whitaker, Atkinson, Feb. 24, 1774, Atkinson
ELIZABETH DODGE, William Stevens, Feb. 2, 1749, Hampstead
ELIZABETH DODGE, Solomon DODGE, May 26, 1805, New Boston
ELIZABETH DODGE , New Boston, Joseph Giddings, New Boston, Sept. 20, 1801, Dunbarton
ELIZABETH DODGE, New Boston, Joseph B. Cochran, May 7, 1835, New Boston
ELIZABETH A. DODGE, Plymouth, William ┼. Park, Jr., Plymouth, July 14, 1880, J. A. Dodge, Plymouth
ELIZABETH A. DODGE, Plymouth, William A. Pack, Jr., Plymouth, July 14, 1880, J. A. Dodge, Plymouth (dup)
ELIZABETH B. DODGE, Nashua, Arthur W. Hopkins, Nashua, May 20, 1891, Oliver & ┼deline E. (Allen) Dodge, Nashua
ELIZABETH D. DODGE, Ipswich, Mass., Andrew J. Phillips, Ipswich, s. George Parsons Phillips m. 1897 Laconia
ELIZABETH F. DODGE, Goffstown, W. H. Harrison Hart, Goffstown, Feb. 9, 1854, Goffstown
ELIZABETH F. DODGE, David T. Burleigh, Nov. 6, 1851, Manchester
ELIZABETH J. DODGE, Portsmouth, Richard M. Davis, S. Berwick, Maine, Aug. 11, 1890, Charles E. & Hannah A. Dodge, Portsmouth
ELIZABETH S. DODGE, b. Claremont, Chester Cleaveland, b. Ct., d. Laura Chase m. Albert S. Eaton, Lebanon, 1894
ELLA L. DODGE, Peterboro, Fredson J. Monroe, Hillsboro, Mar. 14, 1882, Jones N. Dodge, Hillsboro
ELLA M. DODGE, New Boston, Frank H. Osborne, New Boston, Jan. 13, 1804, William W. & Clara Dodge, New Boston
ELLA N. DODGE, London Derry, Vt., Milan N. Beckwith, Nashua, July 3, 1870, Henry p. Dodge, Alstead
ELLA S. DODGE, Canaan, Otis G. Turner, Augusta, Maine, June 14, 1866, Simon & SARAH Pillsbury, Canaan
ELLA V. DODGE, Wolfeboro, Sherman Jeffery, Wolfeboro, Nov. 20, 1889, Edwin D. & Emmer B. Dodge, Wolfeboro
ELLEN C. DODGE, Wolfeboro, Charles F. Sawyer, Standish, Maine, May 10, 1889, Elwell & Emma Dodge, Dover
ELLEN MARIA DODGE, Newbury, Joel Gillingham, Newbury, Oct. 23, 1889, Eli & Polly (Cressey) Dodge, Bradford, s. Forest Leon Gillingham, m. 1895, Newbury
ELMA DODGE, Haverhill, Charles Woods, Haverhill, d. May L. Woods m. Jack M. Southworth, 1894, Haverhill
ELMA E. DODGE, Newport, Edwin G. Eastman, Grantham, Mar. 14, 1877, Leander F. & SARAH A. Dodge, Newport
ELSIE B. DODGE, Croydon, Frank W. Young, Sunapee, May 31, 1899, Martin D. & Annie (McLauchlin) Dodge, Sunapee
ELSIE W. DODGE, Francestown, Rodney G. Cochran, Francestown May 13, 1873, Francestown
ELVIDA DODGE, New Boston, Abner Dane, New Boston, June 8, 1840, New Boston
EMILY DODGE, b. Washington, Rodney Putney, -arlboro, Mass. s. John R. Putney, m. 1881 Hancock
EMILY DODGE, Lempster, Gorham Pollard, Lempster, Jan. 26, 1843, John & Mehitable (Dwinnel)Dodge, Lempster
EMMA E. DODGE, Concord, William H. Little, Concord, s. William M. Little, m. 1896, Nashua
EMMA F. DODGE, Manchester, Charles I. Good, Manchester, May 17, 1882, Jonathan & Jerusha Dodge, Manchester
EMMA F. DODGE, Keene, Addison S. Whitney, Keene, Dec. 9, 1889, William & Maria Dodge, Keene
EMMA M. DODGE, Newport, Day E. Maxfield, Newport, N.H., June 26, 1872, Cluster C. & Maria (Heath) Dodge, Newport
EMMA THORNDIKE DODGE, Ebenezer Perry, Apr. 3, 1825, Dublin
EMMA V. DODGE, Manchester, William H. Patten, Manchester, Feb. 15, 1881, Robert &
SUSAN Dodge, Manchester
EMELINE DODGE, Portsmouth, Timothy G. Senter, Portsmouth, Mar. 18, 1841, Portsmouth
ESTHER DODGE, Goffstown, William Hall, Goffstown, May 29, 1787, Goffstown
ETHEL M. DODGE, Alstead, Joseph Nichols, Lempster, June 17, (no date), Ceylon & Augusta (Clark) Dodge, Alstead
ETTA DODGE, New Boston, John A. Mudgett, Leominster, Mass. Oct. 14, 1883, William & Pamelia Dodge, New Boston
ETTA C. DODGE, Monsonville, George Frank Ames, Milford, Jan. 17, 1877, Milen & Caroline E. (Bailey) Dodge, Milford
EUNICE DODGE, Whitefield, Joseph Colby, Whitefield, Dec. 4, 1842, Whitefield
EUNICE DODGE, Winchester, John Willis, Springfield, Mass., Jan. 16, 1806, Winchester
EUNICE DODGE, Philip Tilton Oct. 4, 1809, Seabrook
EUNICE S. DODGE, Hinsdale, Samuel Beeding, Winchester, Feb. 7, 1836, Hinsdale
EVA E. DODGE, Nashua, James E. Gray, Wilton, June 23, 1878, Frederick & Mary J. Dodge, Nashua
EVALINE DODGE, Keene, Clark F. Rowell, Goshen, Nov. 8, 1855, Keene
EVELYN DODGE, b. Whitetown, N.Y., Clark F. Rowell, b. Goshen, d. NELLIE Isabelle Rowell m. Carl Davis Smith 1886, Keene
EVELYN F. DODGE, Stoddard, Edgar H. Tuttle, Stoddard, Jan. 24, 1883, Edward B. & Laura J. Dodge, Stoddard
EVELYN I. DODGE, Clarement, George E. Stevens, Claremont, Jan. 22, 1891, Amos & Angeline p. Dodge, Claremont
EVERLIN E. DODGE, Andover, George W. Carr, Andover, Nov. 6, 1884, Solomon Dodge, Andover
FANNIE DODGE, Enfield, Walter Dole, Enfield, Jan. 13, 1886, John W. Dodge, Enfield
FANNIE L. DODGE, Mont Vernon, William D. Clark, Amherst, Apr. 16, 1891, Henry F. & Laura R. Dodge, Amherst
FANNIE W. DODGE, Bath, Me., William Cummings, Bath, Maine, May 30, 1896, Alpheus & Margaret (Buker) sic Dodge, Portsmouth
FLORA DODGE, New Boston, Solomon D. Atwood, New Boston, d. Mertie M. Atwood m. G. Henry Eastman, 1893, Weare
FLORA DODGE, Lisbon, Percy F. Clough, Lisbon, Mar. 15, 1899, Richard & Eliza (Barrett) Dodge, Lisbon
FLORA I. DODGE, Portsmouth, Joseph Chandler, Portsmouth, Nov. 20, 1868, Gilbert p. Dodge, Portsmouth
FLORA L. DODGE, Lunenburg, Vt., George H. Fletcher, Newport, Aug. 24, 1892, George N. & Philamelia (Morse) Dodge, Newport
FLORA S. DODGE, Antrim, Willie E. Proctor, Stoddard, Sept. 1, 1884, Amos & Mehitable (Weston) Dodge, Stoddard
FLORENCE A. DODGE, Wilton, William p. Stanley, Wilton, Feb. 4, 1869, W. C. & Mary A. Dodge, Wilton
FLORENCE A. DODGE, Francestown, Solomon D. Atwood, New Boston, Feb. 4, 1864, Issachar & Louisa E. Dodge, New Boston
FLORENCE B. DODGE, Plymouth, George T. Smith, Hebron, Nov. 11,1898, Alden & Lettie Bowles, Hebron
FLORENCE M. DODGE, Keene, Homer R. Graham, Keene, Oct. 12, 1895, Royal and Nettie (Neal) Dodge, Keene
FOSSIE M. DODGE, Antrim, Henry H. Barker, Nashua, Nov. 5, 1873, Alvah & Lydia (Elliott) Dodge, Antrim
FRANCES C. L., Francestown, Willard Everett, Francistown, Oct. 2, 1832, Francestown
FRANCES E. DODGE, Lebanon, Fred B. Fowler, Lebanon, Jan. 28, 1891, William & Eliza (Moses) Estes, Lenanon
FRANCES F. DODGE, Amherst, James Smith 3rd, Lowell, Mass. Jan. 18, 1849, Nashua
FRANCES J. DODGE, Antrim, Elwin L. Eaton, Antrim, Oct. 28, 1875, Robert S. & Mary A. Dodge, Antrim
FRANCES M. DODGE, Exeter, Daniel S. Seamans, Exeter, Dec. 19, 1844, Exeter
FRANCES R. DODGE, Marlow and Jerome L. Reed, Acworth, June 9, 1877, Rufus and SARAH (Bradford) Dodge, Marlow
GEORGIANNA DODGE, Claremont, Cyrenus W. Dana, Hartford, Vt., Jan. 22, 1869, William & Hannah p. (Kidder) Dodge, Claremont
GOLDIE DODGE, Littleton, Harry Smith, Littleton, Nov. 2, 1895, Clarence B. & Lucy E. (Friske) Dodge, Littleton
GRACE B. DODGE, Nottingham, Bertrand Durgin, Nashua, Sept. 18, 1896, -- & Maggie Dodge, Newington
GRACE E. DUDLEY, Exeter, Samuel E. Button, Exeter, Dec. 22, 1897, S. & Mary (Smith) Gunnison, Exeter (probably misfiled)
H. AMANDA DODGE, Raymond, George Bean, Raymond, Nov. 8, 1865, George L. & Hannah p. (Towle) Dodge, Raymond
HANNAH DODGE, John Felch, no date, Sutton
HANNAH DODGE, John Felch, d. Adelaide Sargent m. William F.Coburn 1887 Sutton
HANNAH DODGE, Hancock, David Cummings, Hancock, Mar. 26, 1835, Hancock
HANNAH DODGE, Wendell, Walter F. Colburn, Newbury, June 5, 1842 Sunapee
HANNAH DODGE, Newbury, Walter F. Colburn, Newbury, s. George A. Colburn m. 1891 Unity
HANNAH DODGE, (Miss), New Boston Mr. Daniel Andrews, New Boston, Mar. 8, 1814, New Boston
HANNAH DODGE, Societyland, John Felch, Jr., Sutton, Feb. 22, 1816, Antrim
HANNAH DODGE, b. Bennington, John Felch, b. Francistown, s. Benjamin D. Felch, married 1860, Antrim
HANNAH DODGE, Ossipee, Joseph Sias, Ossipee, Apr. 10, 1816, Tamworth
HANNAH DODGE, Joseph Raymond, Feb. 16, 1784, Hampton Falls
HANNAH DODGE, New Boston, Simeon Dodge, Jr., New Boston, Nov. 12, 1822,Weare
HANNAH DODGE, -- Rand, d. Martha M. Rand m. John H. Dodge, 1868 Raymond
HANNAH DODGE (Miss), New Boston, Simeon Dodge, Jr., New Boston, Nov.12, 1822, New Boston (dup)
HANNAH DODGE, b. Wrentham, Mass., Daniel Andrews, b. New Boston, s. Daniel Andrews, Jr., m. 1867, Wilton
HANNAH DODGE, b. Wrentham, Mass., Daniel Andrews, b. New Boston, s. Daniel Andrews Jr., m. 1866, Wilton (dup. except for year)
HANNAH DODGE, Justus M. Patten, b. Stark, d. Elizabeth A. Patten, m. Hazen H. Merrill, 1882, Stark
HANNAH DODGE, Winchester, Jonathan Hall, Jr., Winchester, Feb. 9, 1883, Winchester, possibly 1803 (not legible)
HANNAH DODGE, Bristol, Fry Holt, Bristol, July 11, 1822, Bristol
HANNAH DODGE, J. M. Patten, Stark, Olive Patten, m. Henry W. Lynn 1881, Stark
HANNAH H. DODGE, Sullivan, Seth Nims, Sullivan, Dec. 29, 1869, Sullivan
HANNAH L. DODGE, Concord, Thomas F. Farrington, Concord, Nov. 16, 1836, Concord
HANNAH p. DODGE, James Locke, Aug. 2, 1861 Chester
HANNAH p. DODGE, Maliki F. Dodge, June 6, 1862, Springfield
HANNAH S. DODGE, Henniker, Moses F. Pillsbury, Henniker, Mar. 19, 1857, Henniker
HANNAH W. DODGE, New Boston, Oliver Walcot, Winsor, Ct., Jan. 15, 1837, New Boston
HANNAH W. DODGE, b. Sutton & Walter F. Colburn, b. Newbury, s. Charles H. Wolburn m. 1863 Newbury
HARRIET DODGE, Salem. Davod W/ Robie, Salem, Dec. 16, 1847, Salem
HARRIET DODGE, Whitefield, Simpson E. C. Chase, b. Littleton, s. Wilbur A. Chase m. 1899 Concord
HARRIET DODGE, Beverly, Mass., Ezra Bachelder, Beverly, Mass., Mar. 14, 1851, Portsmouth
HARRIET M. DODGE, Lowell, Mass., George G. Brown, Apr. 5, 1860, Charles & Martha Dodge
HARRIET N. DODGE, Henniker, Edwin Wadsworth, Henniker, Mar. 15, 1860, Carlton & D. Dodge, Greenland
HARRIET N. DODGE, Exeter, Ezra L. Ryder, East Boston, Mar. 5, 1836, Exeter
HARRIETT DODGE, Hampton Falls, G. Clifford Healey, Hampton Falls, Dec. ?1881, John W. & Harriett p. Dodge, Hampton Falls
HARRIETT A. DODGE, Francestown, Alfred G. Fairbanks, Manchester, Sept. 10, 1844, Joshua Balch & Deborah (Merrill) Dodge, Francestown
HARRIETT W. DODGE, Whitefiel d, Simpson F. Chase, Whitefield, July 26, 1856?, Baka (sic) Dodge, Whitefield
HATTIE D. DODGE, Henniker, Frank D. Thorpe, Tilton, Feb. 27, 1873, John L. & Mary Dodge, Tilton
HATTIE J. DODGE, St. Johnsbury, Vt., Henry A. Lewin, St. Johnsbury, Vt., Sept. 21, 1884, James & Yrila (Snay) Dodge, Monroe
HATTIE M. DODGE, Antrim, William H.? Flinn, Nashua, Sept. 22, 1868, Alvah & Lytdia (Elliott) Dodge, Antrim
HATTIE S. DODGE, Londonderry, John A. Johnson, Londonderry, June 29, 1858, Nashua
HELEN DODGE, Lempster, Charles M. Booth, Lempster, May 8, 1858, Acworth
HELEN L. DODGE, Lempster, Charles M. Booth, Lempster, s. Lucien C. Booth, 1896, Lempster
HELEN SHERMAN DODGE, Keene, Charles Leslie Clark, Keene, May 12, 1896, Fred & Annie Rosetta (Hall) Dodge HELENA DODGE, Henniker, Augustine S. Peabody, Topsfield, Mass., Oct. 16, 1833, Henniker HENRIETTA A.DODGE, Weare, James S. Putney, Weare, July 3, 1865, Israel & Judith (Gould) Dodge, New Boston HEPHZABAH DODGE (Miss), New Boston, Mr. Allen Balch, New Boston, Sept. 16, 1813, New Boston HEPSIBAH DODGE, Frederick Muzzy, Newbury, between Apr. 1, 1850 and 1851, Newbury HEPSIBATH DODGE, Dunstable, George A. Johnson, Dunstable, Jan. 19, 1834, Nashua HEPSIBATH DODGE, b. Newbury, George Angell, b. Sunapee, d. Abbie D. Crosby m. James Leeds 1876, Croydon HEPSIBETH DODGE, b. Newbury, George Angell, b. Sunapee d. Abby D. Angell, m. Dexter Crosby 1867, Croydon HEPSIBETH DODGE, George Angell d. Mary D. Angell m. John Lovering 1878, Croydon HEPSIBETH DODGE, George Angell s., George Angell, m. 1879, Croydon HEPSIBETH DODGE, b. Newbury, George Angell, b. Sunapee, d. Ella S. Angell m. Clarence O. Benton, 1867, Croydon HEZIAH DODGE, Lisbon, Frederick Robens, Lisbon, July 27, 1817, Lisbon IDA E. DODGE, Manchester, Adrian L. Horne, Manchester, Sept. 15, 1898, Lorenzo & Abbie (Getchell) Dodge, Manchester IDELLA A. DODGE, Concord, Joseph Martin, Concord, Aug. 14, 1894, Frank S. & Joanna M. (Clark), Dodge, Concord IMOGENE DODGE, Hinsdale, William B. Thayer, Vernon, Vt., July 31, 1875, Joseph & Hannah Dodge, Hinsdale INEZ M. DODGE, Putney, Vt., George E. Brockway, Warner, Dec. 24, 1896, Edmund p. & Martha (Campbell) Dodge, Warner ISABEL A. DODGE, Littleton, Charles Mullin, Littleton, Nov. 9, 1887, Renaldo Dodge, Littleton JANA N. DODGE, Peabody, Mass., Lyman B. Daniels, Rowley, Mass. July 19, 1873, Andrew Dodge, Seabrook JANE DODGE, Society Land, Samuel Dodge, Society Land, Apr. 12, 1821, Antrim JANE C. DODGE, second marriage, Mooar R. Robb, Stoddard, Nov. 5, 1861?,
SARAH Whitman, Greenfield JANETTE DODGE, Harvey S. Read, Dec. 14,1852, Cornish JEMIMA DODGE (Mrs.), Hampton Falls, John True, Pittsfield, Jan. 30, 1821, Pittsfield JENNIE G. DODGE, Bennington, Berton A. Knight, Brooklyn, N. Y., June 28, 1892, Samuel G. & L. S. (Carr) Dodge, Hancock JENNIE H. DODGE, Concord, Oliver A. Williams, Colfax, Washington Terr. Dec. 21, 1886, Amos & Emily (Everett) Dodge, Concord JERUSHA DODGE, Goffstown, James C. Jones, New Boston, Apr. 28, 1858, New Boston JERUSHA DODGE, Goffstown, David Mathews, May 27, 1828, New Boston JERUSHA DODGE, Goffstown, James C. Jones, Goffstown, s. Peter Jones m. 1891, Goffstown JERUSHA DODGE, b. Goffstown, James C. Jones, Goffstown, d. E. Bell Jones m. Lewis H. Hoyt, 1893, Goffstown JERUSHA DODGE, B. Goffstown, James C. Jones, born. New Boston, d. Mary E. Jones m. 1879, Weare JESSIE A. DODGE, Concord, George A. Fernald, Concord, Nov. 27, 1883, Amos & Emily G. Dodge, Concord JESSIE B. DODGE, Franklin, Alfred H. Tibbetts, Sanbornton, June 24, 1894, Reuben C. & Fannie (Estes) Dodge, Sanbornton JOANNA DODGE, Stoddard, Levi Spaulding, Stoddard, Mar. 8, 1813, Stoddard JOSIE DODGE, Rochester, Elliott Philbrook, Rochester, Dec. 23, 1900, Frank & Rose (Pearl) Dodge, Rochester JOSIE A. M. DODGE, Stoddard, George Brown, Antrim, Apr. 3, 1887,William & Hattie A. (Richardson) Dodge, Antrim JULIA A. DODGE, Francestown, John W. Carson, Mont Vernon, Dec. 24, 1884, Adoniram & Lucinda (Bixby) Dodge, Mont Vernon JULIE DODGE, Rochester, John Shapleigh, Rochester, June 21, 1856, Farmington KATE E. DODGE, Lynn, Mass., Chase E. Osgood, Raymond, Feb. 16, 1886, William F. & Harriett (Shaw) Crowell, Raymond KATIE C. DODGE, Nashua, George H. Campbell, Nashua, Feb. 13, 1885, Williard Dodge, Nashua KEZIAH DODGE, Croydon, Nathan Holbrook, Upton, Mass., Dec. 23, 1823, Croydon L. EMELINE DODGE, Nashua, Nathaniel C. Fowler, Boston, Mass. Aug. 31, 1845 LAURA DODGE, b. Lempster, Reuben F. Steven, Joliet, Illinois, d. Altie V. Stevens m. Thomas M. Jameson, 1896, Lempster LAURA N. DODGE, Stoddard, Fred L. Abbott, Stoddard, Nov. 28, 1894, Edward B. & Laura J. (Wood) Dodge, Stoddard LAURA S. DODGE, Athol, Mass., Herbert H. Belden, Amherst, Oct. 19, 1899, John M. & Maria C. (Williams) Dodge, Amherst LAURETTA DODGE, Topsfield, Mass., Clarence Dame, Jackson, Mar. 6, 1890, John H. Dodge, Jackson LUARA (sic) DODGE, m. Lisbon, Lunus R. Kemp, Lisbon Jan. 25, 1865, Simeon & Almira Dodge, Lisbon LAVINA O. DODGE, Henniker, Gilbert G. Gordon, Manchester, Apr. 2, 1867, Carleton S. Dodge, Manchester LENORA DODGE, Bennington, Charles F. Burnham, Bennington, Mar. 23, 1887, John F.Dodge, Bennington LILLIAN E. DODGE, Manchester, James Burton, Boston, Mass., June 18, 1887, Simeon &
SARAH A. G. (Pillsbury) Dodge, Manchester LINA L. DODGE, Acworth, Fred H. Batchelder, Acworth, June 19, 1889, Ceylon M. & Augusta (Clark) Dodge, Acworth LIVINA DODGE, Grantham, William West, Grantham, Apr. 1, 1849, Grantham LIZZIE DODGE, Nashua, Victor Cote, Nashua, May 13, 1876, John W. & Lizzie Dodge, Nashua LIZZIE DODGE, Warren, Henry Simpson, Warren, d. Millie Simpson, m. Frank Copp 1900 Haverhill LIZZIE K. or H. DODGE (Miss), Newport, John A. George, Newport June 3, 1857, Newport LIZZIE M. DODGE, Webster, George F. Thompson, Webster, May 21, 1865 James S. & Hulda M. Dodge, Webster LIZZIE M. DODGE, Manchester, Charles D. Boynton, Goffstown May 15, 1878, Jonathan & Jerusha Dodge, Manchester LOIS LENA DODGE, Manchester, Ray Cleaves, Hopkins, Nashua, Aug. 8, 1898, Charles & Etta (Merrill) Dodge, Manchester LORA DODGE, Winchester, John Stratton, Jr. Swanzey, Jan 5, 1842, Swanzey LORA DODGE, John Stratton, d. Abbie J. Howard, m. Albert N. Austin, 1886, Keene LORA DODGE, Winchester, Sylvanus Wright, Shaftsbury, Vt. Nov. 2,1815, Swanzey LORENA DODGE, b. Tunbridge, Vt., Bailey Putney, b. Tunbridge, Vt., s. Asahel Putney, m. 1875, Lyme LOUELLA M. DODGE, Athens, Vt., William Farr, Athens Vt., Apr. 27, 1864, Walpole LOUIE G. DODGE, Francestown, Fred J. Gailand, Henniker, Apr. 13, 1885, Issachar & Louisa (Emerson) Dodge, Francestown LOUIS (sic) G. DODGE, Alstead, Elmer C.Comstock, Alstead, Nov. 18, 1894, Ceylon M. & -- (Clarke) Dodge, Alstead LOUISA J. DODGE, Portsmouth, Alphonzo L. Rand, Portsmouth, Dec. 5, 1852, Portsmouth LUCETTA DODGE, Boston, Charles D.Gerould, Boston, Aug. 8, 1848, Stoddard LUCRETIA B. DODGE, Bennington, C. Edwards Lewis, Manchester, Nov. 19, 1890, John & Lucretia Dodge, Manchester LUCINDA DODGE, Stoddard, Isaiah Reed, Jr., Stoddard, Aug. 12, 1830, Stoddard LUCINDA DODGE, Stark, James M. Pike, Stark, June 4, 1853, Stark LUCINDA DODGE, Stark, James M. Pike, Stark, s. Henry Pike, m. Stark LUCINDA DODGE, James M. Pike, b. Stark, d. Eldora A. Pike, m. William T. Pike 1878, Stark LUCINDA DODGE, New Boston, Levi Chamberlain, New Boston, Nov. 23, 1828, New Boston LUCINDA ANN DODGE, Manchester, John Moore, Manchester, Dec. 17, 1846, Manchester LUCRETIA S. DODGE, Nashua, David A. Reed, Nashua, Oct. 15, 1862, Lowell F. & Salome (Huntoon) Dodge, Henniker LUCY DODGE, b. New Boston, Ralph Holbrook, b. Roxbury, Mass. s. Ralph Holbrook, m. 1867, New Boston LUCY DODGE, Amherst, Asa Gilmore, Amherst, Apr. 10, 1797, Amherst LUCY ANN DODGE, Keene, Leonard Bisco, Keene, Dec. 23, 1852, Keene LUCY E. DODGE, Charles ? Hall m. Pembrook, s. Charles E. Hall, 1880, Pembroke (illegible) LUCY FANNY DODGE, Antrim, Frank Leslie Eastman, Weare, Feb. 27, 1879, Charles B. & Grace F. (Hall) Dodge, Antrim LUCY p. DODGE, Webster, Harris Goodwin, Webster, Mar. 14, 1883, Henry L. & Mary L. (Plumer) Dodge, Webster LUCY V. DODGE, Littleton, George W. Brown, Littleton, Oct. 15, 1898, Clarence & Lucy (Fiske) Dodge, Littleton LUCY DODGE, Jacob Ellingwood, b. Milan, d. Flora E. Ellingwood m. Archie Soule, 1879, Northumberland LUCY DODGE, Stark, Jacob Ellingwood, d.
NELLIE R. Ellingwood m. Joseph J. Terrian/Terreau 1878, Northumberland LUCY DODGE, Amherst, Nathan Hall, New Boston, Nov. 22, 1821, Amherst LUCY DODGE, Jacob Ellingwood, Dummer, Oct. 8, 1854, Stark LUCY DODGE, Groveton, Jacob Ellingwood, b. Bethel, Me., s. Daniel O. Ellingwood m. 1893 Northumberland LUCY A. DODGE, Wenham, Mass. Gideon B. Moore, Salem, Mass. Feb. 17, 1870, George & Mary A. Dodge, Hampton LUETTA DODGE, Waterville, Me., James Wentworth, Waterville, Me., Mar. 9, 1878, John & Lois Dodge, Portsmouth LULU DODGE, Bath, Me., James Murray, Bath, Me., Oct. 22, 1892, Alpheus & Margaret Dodge, Portsmouth LYDIA DODGE, Rev. John Atwood, Nov. 1826, New Boston LYDIA DODGE, b. New Boston, Otis Field, b. Peterborough, s. George B. Field, m. 1862 Alstead LYDIA DODGE, Piermont, Henry D. Simpson, Haverhill, Int. filed Feb. 17, 1876, Hamilton Dodge, Haverhill LYDIA DODGE, John Sleeper, Francestown, d. Orrisa Sleeper m. Cyrus Jaquith, 1839, Francestown LYDIA DODGE, John Sleeper, Francestown, d. Adaline L. Sleeper m. Hosea Jewett, 1850, Francestown LYDIA DODGE, Winchester, Nehemiah Houghton, Winchester, June 24, 1788, Winchester LYDIA DODGE, Everett, Mass. Silas H. Pratt, Everett Mass., s. Frank H. Pratt, m. 1895, Strafford LYDIA DODGE, Francestown, John Sleeper, Francestown, July 20, 1809, Simeon & Mary (Balch) Dodge, Francestown LYDIA DODGE, Francestown, John Sleeper, Francestown, s. George F. Sleeper, m. 1852, Francistown LYDIA DODGE, John Sleeper, Francestown, d. Harriet Sleeper, m. Norman Smith 1837/8, Francestown LYDIA DODGE, Francestown, John Sleeper, Francestown, d. Harriett Sleeper m. Norman Smith 1843, Francestown LYDIA DODGE, (Miss), New Boston, William Dodge, Jr., New Boston, Mar. 16, 1814, New Boston LYDIA A. DODGE, Antrim, Charles N. Foster, Hillsboro, Dec. 14,1863, Robert S. & Mary A. Dodge, Hillsboro LYDIA A. DODGE, Antrim, Charles N. Foster, Antrim, s. Charles W. Foster m. 1892 Antrim LYDIA A. DODGE, Hopkinton, Aaron Kellogg, Vernon Ct., Nov. 18, 1864, Grover & Lydia (French) Dodge, Hopkinton LYDIA A. DODGE, Antrim, Charles N. Foster, Antrim d. Fannie M. Foster m. Edward J. Davis 1893, Antrim LYDIA A. DODGE, Sunapee, John T. Sischo, Sunapee, 1852 or 1853, New Boston LYDIA A. DODGE, Moultonborough, Shadrach H. Brown, Moultonborough, Dec. 12,1844, Moultonborough LYDIA JANE DODGE, Portsmouth, George Huntress, Jr., Portsmouth, June 9, 1833, Portsmouth LYDIA L. DODGE, Munsonville, S. O. Brown, Munsonville (Nelson), s. Oscar B. Brown m. 1892 Stoddard LYDIA p. DODGE, Exeter, Augustus Seamans, Exeter, June 24, 1845, Exeter LYDIA S. DODGE, Lowell, Mass., John Patterson, Lowell, Oct. 23, 1848, New Boston LYRA T. DODGE, Lempster, R. F. Stevens, Lempster, Nov. 26, 1863, Isaac M. & Ruth (Walker) Dodge, Lempster M. C. DODGE, Amherst, William Fiske, Jr., Amherst, Sept. 4, 1801, Amherst M. J. DODGE, b. Whitefield, B. F. Brown, b. Concord, Vt., d. Hattie May Brown m. Charles F. Davis 1885, Whitefield MABEL E. DODGE, Haverhill, George W. O'Malley, Haverhill, June 2, 1891, Frank E. and Annette Dodge, Haverhill MALVINA DODGE, Edgecomb, Me., Addison Trask, Edgecomb, Me., s. arthur B. Trask m. 1896 Portsmouth MARGARET DODGE, Goffstown, Hugh Gregg, New Boston, Dec. 3, 1805, Goffstown MARGARET DODGE, Nathan Burnham, b. Essex, Vt., s. Leavitt Burnham, m. 1873, Lancaster MARGARET A. DODGE, Manchester, Robert M. Shirley, Hooksett, Mar. 25, 1857, Goffstown MARGARET A. DODGE, New Boston, James Smith 3rd, Lowell, Mass., Nov. 7, 1858, Samuel and Marice Dodge, Nashua MARGARET D. DODGE, Hampton Falls, Charles L. White, Great Falls, Apr. 29, 1891, John W. and Harriet p. (Dunklee) Dodge, Hampton Falls MARIA DODGE, Keene, John Town, Keene, between Apr. 1, 1850 and Apr. 1, 1851, Keene MARIA DODGE, Goffstown, Rodney Nutt, Manchester, Mch. 15, 1836, Goffstown MARIAH DODGE, Goffstown, George G. Filbrick, Goshen, Feb. 29, 1860, John G. Dodge, Goffstown MARIA A. DODGE, Bennington, Henry D. Epps, Milford, Apr. 30, 1890, Samuel S. & Lucinda L. Dodge, Milford MARION DODGE, b. Bath, Archibald Higgins, born So. Troy, Vt., s. John F. Higgins m. 1889?, Lancaster MARTHA DODGE, Goffstown, William Taliant, Goffstown, Nov. 21, 1790, Goffstown MARTHA DODGE, Boscawen, Daniel Carllton, Alma/Alna, Me., Oct. 13, 1829, Boscawen MARTHA A. (SARGENT) DODGE, Pembroke, Moses Richardson, Jr., Pembroke, Nov. 12, 1868, Thomas & Abigail Sargent (Concord) MARTHA A. DODGE, Bennington, Albert Goodwin, New Boston, Jan. 11, 1872, Bennington MARTHA A. DODGE, Rochester, Frank A. Jones, New York City, Dec. 27, 1871, Jonathan T. and
SARAH Dodge, Rochester MARTHA A. DODGE, Rochester, Frank H. Jones, s. Albert D. Jones, m. 1898, Rochester MARTHA A. DODGE, Littleton, Johnny W. Clark, Littleton, Nov. 17, 1885, Rinaldo Dodge, Littleton MARTHA J. DODGE, New Boston, Amos B. Felch, Weare, Feb. 28, 1875, John and Anstress Dodge, Weare MARTHA J. DODGE, New Boston, Andrew B. Carter, New Boston, Aug. 27, 1889, John and Anstis B. Dodge, New Boston MARTHA W. DODGE, Amherst, James B. Whipple, New Boston, June 25, 1877, Perley and Hariet (Woodbury) Dodge, Amherst
MARY DODGE, George Shedd, s. Jerome B. Shedd, m. 1878, Peterborough MARY DODGE, Hampton Falls, Walter Aiken, Franklin, Jan. 1, 1867, John W. and Harriet R. Dodge, Hampton Falls MARY DODGE, Hampton, Walter Aiken, Franklin, int. filed Dec. 27, 1866, Franklin MARY DODGE, Francistown, Harris Whiting, Francistown, Feb. 20, 1832, Francistown MARY DODGE, b. Francistown, Edward p. Spalding, b. Lyndeborough, s. George E. Spalding, m. 1887 Lyndenborough MARY DODGE, b. Greenville, Edward p. Spalding, b. Lyndenborough, s. Merrill T.Spalding, m. 1885, Lyndenborough MARY DODGE, Francistown, Edward T. Spaulding, Francistown, Apr. 11, 1833, Joshua and Deborah (Merrill) Dodge, Francistown MARY DODGE, New Boston, William White, New Boston, Apr. 29, 1794, New Boston MARY DODGE, Concord (now Lisbon), Elder John Broadard, Concord (now Lisbon) Aug. 17, 1801, Lisbon MARY DODGE, Hampton Falls, Walter Aiken, Franklin, Jan. 1, 1867, Hampton Falls MARY DODGE, Goffstown, Josiah J. Hall, Manchester, Oct. 21, 1830, Weare MARY DODGE (MRS.), Hampton Falls, Jonathan Tilton, Hampton Falls, Sept. 14, 1805, Hampton MARY DODGE, Jonathan Tilton, Sept. 11, 1806, Hampton Falls MARY DODGE, Hugh Tallant, June 28, 1753, Hampstead MARY DODGE, b. Lyman, Isaac Foster, b. Littleton, s. Curtis Foster m. 1900, Littleton MARY DODGE, Littleton, Moses Clough, Littleton, s. Willie Clough m. 1897?, Bethlehem (could read 1837) MARY DODGE, Bennington, Philip S. H. Gile, Sutton, May 17, 1855, Hancock MARY DODGE, New Boston, David Kendall, New Boston, Apr. 29, 1839, New Boston MARY DODGE, Kensington, Joshua Janvrin, Hampton Falls, Feb. 20, 1826, Hampton Falls MARY DODGE, Cornelius Stanwood, Mar. 3, 1817, Boscawen MARY DODGE, b. Mason, Edward p. Spalding, b. Lyndeborough, s. Levi p. Spalding m. 1863 Lyndenborough MARY A. DODGE, Bradford, Henry s. George, Goshen, Nov. 23, 1881, Hyman and Elizabeth Rowe, Goshen MARY A. DODGE, Pembroke, Enoch F. Jackman, Concord, Nov. 3, 1864, George and Martha Dodge, Concord MARY A. DODGE, b. Beverly, Mass., Henry Ellinwood, b. Loudon, s. Joseph Ellinwood, m. 1890 Concord MARY A. DODGE, New Boston, John S. Edwards, New Boston, s. Andrew Edwards m. 1894, Concord MARY A. DODGE, Lake Village, Henry H. Buzzell, Lake village, s. Charles E. Buzzell, m. 1891, Gilford MARY ANN DODGE, Amherst, Jonathan Knight, Amherst, July 20, 1848, Amherst MARY ANN DODGE, Rochester, Henry H. Buzzell, Rochester, Apr. 2, 1854, Rochester MARY B. DODGE, Auburn, George A. Klinge, Auburn, May 16, 1894, Thomas F. and Harriet (Ashley) Dodge, Auburn MARY B. DODGE, New Boston, William C. Cross, Bennington, June 16, 1849, New Boston MARY C. DODGE, New Boston, Ephraim B. Dodge, New Boston, Oct. 24, 1850, Nashville MARY D. DODGE, b. Mason, Edward F. Spaulding, b. Lyndenborough, s. Merrill T. Spaulding, m. 1895, Lyndenborough MARY D. DODGE, Hampton Falls, William Lord, Beverly, Mass. May 15, 1838, South Hampton MARY E. DODGE, New Castle, Me., Richard R. Ramsdell, Swanzey, July 12, 1876, Swanzey MARY E. DODGE, Manchester, John D. Powell, Manchester, Oct. 9, 1862, W. & S. Boyd, Manchester MARY E. DODGE, Newport, Nathan p. Gilmore, Newport, Oct. 1, 1892, Joshua and Lydia (Lear) Philbrick, Newport MARY E. DODGE, Concord, Frederick Reed, Concord, Jan. 1, 1879, Amos Dodge, Concord MARY E. DODGE, b. Lunenburg, Vt., George W. Stone, b. Lunenburg, d. Clementine J. Stone, m. Fred C. Richardson 1890, Lancaster MARY E. DODGE, Newbury, Eli Dodge, Newbury, Aug. 16, 1855, Newbury MARY ELIZABETH DODGE, b. Littleton, Mass., James Abiel Holt, b. West Wilton, s. Fred A. Holt, m. 1899, Milford MARY ELIZABETH DODGE, Hampton Falls, Duncan Grey Cunningham, Maryland, Dec. 21, 1870, George H. & Mary (Keely) Dodge, Hampton Falls MARY F. DODGE, Bennington, Edward B. Johnson, Washington, D.C., Mar. 10, 1869, Bennington MARY G. DODGE, New Boston, Thomas Starrett, Francistown, Nov. 11, 1813, New Boston MARY J. DODGE, New Boston, William Taylor, Medford, Mass., 1852, New Boston MARY J. DODGE, b. Bennington, Nathan W. C. Jameson, b. Antrim, d. Carolyn E. Jameson m. Herbert H. Whittle, 1879, Antrim MARY J. DODGE, Whitefield, Benjamin F. Bean, Whitefield, Jan. 7, 1857, Whitefield MARY J. DODGE, Whitefield, B. Frank Brown, b. Concord, Vt., d. Jennie A. Brown m. John B. Fitzgerald 1889, Whitefield MARY J. DODGE, b. Bennington, Vt., Nathan W. Jameson, b. Antrim, d. Jennie M. Jameson m. Oscar G. Nims, 1895, Keene MARY JANE DODGE, Bennington, N. W. C. Jameson, Antrim, May 14,1857, Antrim MARY JANE DODGE, Littleton, Moses Clough, Littleton, d.
NELLIE Clough m. 1898, James T. Clegg, Campton MARY JANE DODGE, Lyman, Moses A. Clough, Lyman, Feb. 10, 1874, Moody Dodge, Lisbon MARY JANE DODGE, Dunstable, Elbridge G. Wallace, Metheun, Oct. 9, 1835, Nashua MARY JANE DODGE, Newbury, Daniel Morse Perkins, Newbury, s. Clarence Leroy Perkins, m. 1897, Newbury MARY L. DODGE, Wilton, James H. Hoyt, Wilton, Nov. 20, 1870, Isaac and
SUSAN p. Dodge, Wilton MARY L. DODGE, Wilmot, Edwin L. Sargent, Enfield, May 8, 1897, E. B. & Martha B . (Gove) Dodge, Enfield MARY M. DODGE, Rindge, Jaffrey A. Willard, Rindge, Apr. 27, 1825, Rindge MARY M. DODGE, Marlow, Frederic A.Warner, Des Moines Ia., Oct. 31, 1872, John and
SARAH J. Dodge, Marlow MARY M. DODGE, Peterborough, George Shedd, Peterborough, Mar. 28, 1837, Stoddard MARY p. DODGE, Henniker, John C. Ray, b. Henniker, s. Charles S. Ray. m. 1893 Henniker MARY p. DODGE, Henniker, John C. Ray, Henniker, Jan. 1851, Henniker MARY p. DODGE, John C. Ray, s. Myron H. Ray, m. 1884, Canterbury MARY p. DODGE, Bridgton, Me., Charles R. Fairgrieve, Bridgton, Me., Nov. 14, 1868, Benjamin J. & Joanna Dodge, Conway (Possibly Fairguine) (two records) MARY S. DODGE, New Boston, James Todd, New Boston, Nov. 8, 1831, New
MARY W. DODGE, Londonderry, Mason Boyd, Londonderry, Jan. 2, 1851, Londonderry
MARY W. DODGE, Wilton, Henry Bragg, Wilton, May 22, 1848, Nashua
MATTIE B. DODGE, Raymond, Joseph C. Langford, Candia, May 12, 1894, John H. and Martha M. Dodge, Candia
MAUDE E. DODGE, Hopkinton, Arthur F. Spoffard, Hopkinton, Feb. 14, 1898, William F. & Martha J. (Edgerly) Dodge, Hopkinton
MEHITABLE DODGE, Clarement, Samuel Alden, Jackson, Indiana, Aug. 12, 1845, Claremont
MEHITABLE DODGE, Londonderry, Belsher Mentor, Londonderry, Jan. 24, 1811, Londonderry
MEHITABLE DODGE, Marlborough, Calvin Stone, Marlborough, June 18, 1794, Marlborough
MEHITABLE DODGE, Society Land, Jonathan Paige, Antrim, May 23, 1815, Hancock
MEHITABLE DODGE, Piermont, Croydon Dodge, Piermont, Sept. 19, 1870, --Hamblet, Piermont MEHITABLE DODGE, Elisha Williams, Feb. 18, 1789, Amherst
MELISSA L. DODGE, Charlestown, William Hamlin, Charlestown, d. Mary E. Hamlin, Charlestown, m. Arthur L. Perham, 1892, Charlestown
MERCA DODGE, Stoddard, Alpheus Kendall, Sullivan, Apr. 20, 1830, Stoddard
MERCY DODGE, Weare, George Addison, Weare, Aug. 30, 1798, Dunbarton
MERINDA DODGE, Amherst, Luke Bills, Amherst, June 18, 1829, Mt. Vernon
MERVA DODGE, b. Stoddard, Alpheus Kendall, b. Sullivan, d. Mary A. Kendall, m. Herod W. Browne, 1862, Fitzwilliam
MERVA DODGE, b. Stoddard, Alpheus Kendall, b. Sullivan, s. Warren D. Kendall m. 1866, Troy
MIRIAM DODGE, Hampton Falls, Samuel Dodge, Exeter, Nov. 12, 1856, Hampton
MONICE DODGE, New Boston, Samuel Dodge, New Boston, Feb. 7, 1817, Weare
NANCY DODGE, Lyman, Douglass Parker, Lyman, Oct. 16, 1862, Ezra and Abagail Foster, Lyman
NANCY DODGE, Exeter, John Lamson, Exeter, Sept. 15, 1811, Exeter
NANCY DODGE, Keene, Thomas Barrett, St. Mary, Illinois, Oct. 10, 1843, Keene
NANCY G. DODGE, 2nd marr., Daniel B. Lovering, New Boston, July 7, 1874, John & Achsah--, Manchester
NANCY p. DODGE, Tamworth, Jeremiah H. Whiting, Tamworth, Nov. 18, 1849, Tamworth
NAOMY DODGE, Amherst, Daniel Metton, Amherst, June 6, 1797, Amherst
NELLIE DODGE, Brigdton, Me., Charles B. Hill, Bridgton, Me, s. Elwood J. Hill, m. 1894 Conway
NELLIE E. DODGE, b. Walpole, Charles C. Rich, b. Portland, Me., d. Mary J. Rich, m. William W. Yardley, 1877, Dublin
NELLIE E. DODGE, Bellows Falls, Vt., Amos Gale, s. George Amos Gale, m. 1899, Walpole
NELLIE HARRIET DODGE, Milford, George Arthur Jennison, Milford, Oct. 6, 1897, Samuel & Lucinda S. (Carr) Dodge, Milford
NELLIE J. DODGE, Antrim, Charles H. Frye, Marlboro, Mass. Feb. 24, 1889, Josiah & Elizabeth (Barney) Dodge, Greenfield
NELLIE R. DODGE, New Boston, Charles H. Thorndike, Weare, Jan. 1, 1863, Samuel & Monice Dodge, New Boston
NELLIE R. DODGE, New Boston, Charles H. Thorndike, Weare, Int. filed Dec. 31, 1862, Weare
NELLIE R. DODGE, Wilmot, Frank E. Rowe, Winchester, Mass., Aug. 25, 1892, Solomon & Mary Elizabeth Dodge, Wilmot
NELLIE W. DODGE, Gilford, Austin B. Weeks, Gilford, Nov. 24, 1880, Theodore & Mary E. Dodge, Gilford
PATSY DODGE, Amherst, John C. Kendall, Amherst, Aug. 23, 1799, Amherst
PERCIS DODGE, No. Thetford, Vt., Chester Carter, b. Littleton, d. Julia Carter m. Isaac F. Dodge 1895, Littleton
PERCIS DODGE, b. New Boston, Robert Peaslee, Weare, June 30, 1846, New Boston
PERSIS DODGE, b. New Boston, Robert Peaslee, b. Hopkinton, s. Charles Peaslee, m. 1889, Weare
PERSIS DODGE, b. New Boston, Robert Peaslee, b. Weare, d. Ellen M. Peaslee m. Charles J. Hadley 1879 Weare
PERSIS DODGE, b. New Boston, Robert Peaslee, b. Weare, d. Minnie J. Peaslee m. Elton W. French, 1881, Greenville
PHEBE DODGE, b. Stoddard, Sulivan Shedd, b. Stockbridge, Vt., s. Henry A. Shedd m. 1870, Jaffrey
PHEBE DODGE, Nashua, Oliver Hutchins, Chelmsford,Mass., Mar. 16, 1856, Nashua
PHEBE DODGE, Peterborough, Sullivan Shedd, Peterborough, Dec. 10, 1833, Peterborough
POLLY DODGE, Adunjah Marvin, Dec. 29, 1790
POLLY DODGE, b. Marshfield, Vt., Bradley Webber, b. Hardwick, Vt., s. Moses D. Webber, m. 1894 Walpole
POLLY DODGE, Westmoreland, Sirus Warner, Westmoreland, Jan. 15, 1784, Westmoreland
POLLY DODGE, Amherst, William Morgan, Amherst, Nov. 28, 1799, Amherst
POLLY DODGE, Archibald Higgins, Dec. 12, 1821, Bath
PRISCILLA DODGE, Winchester, Samuel Verry, Winchester, Oct. 26, 1772, Winchester
PRUDENCE DODGE, Natham Wilson, Jan. 23, 1827, Claremont
RACHEL H. DODGE, Providence, Rhode Island, Seth Mason, N. Kingston, R. I., Dec. 18, 1885, Ambrose Dodge, Northfield
REBECCA DODGE. Winchester, Eliakin D. Persons, Chesterfield, Jan. 21, 1789, Winchester
REBECKAH DODGE, Concord (Lisbon), John McClary, Concord (Lisbon), Nov. 10, 1817, Landaff
REBECCA DODGE, Joseph Dodge, New Boston, Aug. 21, 1798, New Boston
REBECCA DODGE (Miss), New Boston, Jacob Bailey, Weare, Jan. 19, 1826, New Boston
REBECCA B. DODGE, Goshen, James J. Rowe, Newbury, Apr. 1, 1858, Hyland & Hannah Dodge, Goshen
REBECCA DODGE, b. Weare, James Rowe, b. Newbury, d. Lizzie H. Rowe m. T. Frank Russell, 1883, Goshen
RHODA A. DODGE, Charlestown, Richard Knapp, Charlestown, Apr. 11, 1836, Stoddard
ROSELLA E. DODGE, Nashua, Edwin p. Stickney, Sunapee, June 21, 1867, Lowell F. Dodge, Nashua
ROSINA DODGE, Alstead, Henry W. Kemp, Winchendon, Mass., Nov. 25, 1856, Keene
ROSIE DODGE, Nashua, Adolphus Cardin, Nashua, Nov. 22, 1897, Jacob and Malvina (Guion) Dodge, Nashua
RUTH DODGE, Whitcomb Tarbell, Fen (sic) 10, 1780, Mason
RUTH DODGE, Concord, Thomas Simonton, Portland, Feb. 10, 1800, Bath
RUTH DODGE, Francistown, James H. Martin, Francistown, Aug. 25, 1806, Francistown
S. ABBIE DODGE, Rochester, Charles W. Howe, Rochester, June 19, 1878, Jona. T. &
SARAH Dodge, Rochester
S. JENNIE DODGE, Pembroke, Herbert J. Jones Alton, Oct. 5, 1887, James and Betsy Dodge, Alton
S. MELISSA DODGE, Francistown, J. Smith Follansbee, Manchester, int. filed, Nov. 30, 1853, Asa & Esther (Smith) Dodge, Francistown
SALLY DODGE, Jonathan Cram 3rd, Nov. 15, 1804, Hampton Falls
SALLY DODGE, Josiah Rogers, Apr. 10, 1795, Lempster
SALLY DODGE, Walter Powers, Jan. 1, 1877, Bath
SALLY DODGE (Mrs.), Fisherfield, Mr. Nathaniel Haws, Fisherfield, June 30, 1796, Newbury
SALLY DODGE, Amherst, Roger Smith, Amherst, Jan. 15, 1802, Amherst
SALLY DODGE, Hampton Falls, Jonathan Cram 3rd, Hampton Falls, Nov. 4, 1804, Hampton Falls
SALLY DODGE, Society Land, Daniel Taylor, Society Land, Oct. 31, 1817, Antrim
SALLY DODGE, Wilmot, Isaac Tenney, Wilmot s. Capt. Samuel Tenney, m. 1831, Wilmot
SALLY DODGE, Zebediah Pain, June 19, 1829, Chesterfield
SALLY DODGE, Ossipee, Richard Stillings, Ossipee, Feb. 17, 1820, Ossipee
SALLY DODGE (Miss), Jacob Hooper, Nov. 2, 1806, New Boston
SALLY DODGE, New Boston, Livermore Langdell, New Boston, Dec. 3, 1867, Jacob and Jerusha Bennett, New Boston
SALLY DODGE N.B., Capt. Johnathan Spalding, Chelmsford, Mass. Mar. 12, 1819, New Boston
SALLY DODGE, Stoddard, Thomas Seward, Sullivan, Mar. 31, 1818, Stoddard
SARAH DODGE, New Boston, Solomon Caldwell, New Boston, Feb. 20, 1794, New Boston
SARAH DODGE, Plaistow, Samuel A. Garwood, Plaistow, July 21, 1872, Thomas and Elizabeth dodge, Plaistow
SARAH DODGE, William Quincy, d. Carrie M. Quincy, m. Evander B. Hayes, 1883, Conway
SARAH DODGE, Nashua, Jonathan Kelse, New Boston, Apr. 11, 1839, Nashua
SARAH DODGE, Kingston,George Janvrin, Seabrook, July 13, 1823, Exeter
SARAH DODGE, Hebron, Benjamin Kidder, Bristol, Feb. 23, 1824, Hebron
SARAH DODGE, Hopkinton, Daniel Richardson, Hopkinton, Dec. 17, 1845, Hopkinton
SARAH DODGE, Daniel Richardson, s. Edward Sidney Richardson, m. 1868 Bradford
SARAH DODGE, Hillsborough, Joel Temple, Hillsborough, Nov. 15, 1832, Antrim
SARAH DODGE, b. Stoddard, Joel Temple, b. Tewksbury, Mass. s. Joel Temple, m. 1863 Hillsborough
SARAH DODGE, Newburyport, Leonard W. Eaton, s. James Eaton, m. 1899, Portsmouth
SARAH DODGE, Hopkinton, Thomas Elliott, Webster, Nov. 19, 1861, Daniel p. &
SARAH (Barnard) Dustin, Henniker
SARAH DODGE, Daniel Richardson, d.
SARAH Addielia Richardson, m. Herbert C. Dustin 1880, Hopkinton
SARAH DODGE, Goffstown, James Richards, Jr., Goffstown, Dec. 7, 1820, Goffstown
SARAH DODGE, Amherst, Isaac Wheeler, Amherst, June 9, 1803, Amherst
SARAH DODGE, Stoddard, Isaiah Hardy, Stoddard, May 6, 1783, Stoddard
SARAH DODGE, b. Beverly, Mass., Abijah Porter, b. Danvers, Mass., s. Israel Porter m. 1867, Claremont
SARAH DODGE, Francistown, Francis Dodge, New Boston, s. Issachar Dodge, m. 1832, Francistown
SARAH DODGE, Fisherfield, Simeon Dodge, Francistown, May 24, 1824, Newbury
SARAH A. DODGE, Portsmouth, Daniel G. Waldron, b. Wakefield, s. Daniel D. Waldron, m. 1897, Portsmouth
SARAH A. DODGE, Portsmouth, Daniel G. Waldron, Portsmouth, June 3, 1861, Jabez and
SARAH A. Dodge, Portsmouth
SARAH A. DODGE, Newport, George H. Hibbard, Boston, Mass., Apr. 10, 1879, Nehemiah Dodge, Concord
SARAH ANN DODGE (Miss), New Boston, Benjamin Jones, Jr., Lyndeborough, May 7, 1845, New Boston
SARAH ANN DODGE, Francistown, Hiram H. Gove, Weare, Jan. 1, 1849, Joshua B. & Deborah (Merrill) Dodge, Francistown
SARAH D. DODGE, New Boston, James M. Heddy or Nebby, Boston, Mass., Oct. 8, 1845, New Boston
SARAH E. DODGE, Wells W. Healey, Dec. 31, 1847, Hampton Falls
SARAH E. DODGE, Exeter, John R. Palmer, Exeter, May 23, 1850, Exeter
SARAH E. DODGE, b. Bennington, Reed p. Whittemore, b. Antrim, s. George K. Whittemore, m. 1870, Hillsborough
SARAH E. DODGE, b. Bennington, Reed T. Whittemore, b. Antrim, s. Charles A. Whittemore, m. 186-, Francistown
SARAH E. DODGE, Lisbon, Wilmer Currier Barnard, Boston, Mass., July 7, 1875, Simeon and Almira Dodge, Lisbon
SARAH EMELINE FERSON DODGE, Miles Taylor, Nov. 16, 1848, New Boston
SARAH J. DODGE, Lemptster, Asbury F. Perley, Lempster, May 2, 1850, John &
REBECCA (Gould) Dodge, Lempster
SARAH J. DODGE, b. Raymond, Samuel p. Ladd, b. Epping, d.
SARAH p. Ladd, m. Edward W. Smith, 1877, Raymond
SARAH J. DODGE, Epping, Samuel p. Ladd, Epping, s. Dexter Ladd, m. 1898, Epping
SARAH J. DODGE, Pembroke, Herbert J. Jones, Alton, Oct. 5, 1887, James & Betsy Dodge, Pembroke
SARAH J. DODGE, Lempster, Asbury F. Perley, Lempster, d. Maria R. Perley, m. Freeman S. Gordon, 1871, Lempster
SARAH J. DODGE, Nashua, Frederick p. Bixby, Chelsea, Vt., Nov. 17, 1845, Nashua
SARAH JANE DODGE, b. Lempster, Asbury Fisk Perley, Lempster, d. Jennie May Perley m. John Warren Corson, 1893, Derry
SARAH L. DODGE, Newport, Herbert J. Barton, Newbury, Aug. 20, 1877, Leander F. &
SARAH (Colby) Dodge, Newport
SARAH T. DODGE, Marlow, Milan F. Jones, Marlow, Feb. 27, 1872, John &
SARAH J. Dodge, Marlow SELINDA A. DODGE, Stoddard, Francis Jewett, Wilton, Apr. 4, 1844, Stoddard
SOPHIA DODGE, Rochester, Daniel Hall, Dover, Jan. 25, 1877, Jonathan T. &
SARAH Dodge, Rochester
SOPHIA DODGE, b. Vt., Benjamin F. Morrison, b. Alstead, N. H., s. James H. Morrison, m. 1864, Marlow
SOPHIA F. DODGE, Antrim, Will B. McIlvin, Antrim, Jan. 30, 1890, Charles B. & Grace F. (Hall) Dodge, Antrim
SOPHIA M. DODGE, Lyman, John Mason, Lyman, May 22, 1875, Lyman
SOPHIA S. DODGE, Danvers, Horace S. Taylor, Boston, Mass., Oct. 11, 1866, William F. &
SOPHIA Dodge, New Boston
SOPHRONIA DODGE, Vershire, Vt., Simeon Underhill, Piermont, June 1859, Samuel & Olive Putney Dodge, Piermont
SUSAN DODGE, b. Claremont, Cyrus F. or E. Leet, b. Claremont, d. Carrie C. Leet, m. Elmer C. Fitch, 1900 Claremont
SUSAN DODGE, b. Claremont, Cyrus E. Leets, b. Claremont, d. Carrie C. Leets, m. Elmer C. Fitch 1900, Claremont
SUSAN DODGE, Stoddard, Ellis Pitcher, Jr., Stoddard, Sept. 24, 1840, Stoddard
SUSAN DODGE, Lebanon, Joel Carter, No. Adams, Mass., Mar. 5, 1833, Lebanon
SUSAN DODGE, Hanover, Amaziah Carter, Concord, Feb. 15, 1826, Hanover
SUSAN A. DODGE, Acworth, Rufus J. Carey, Acworth, May 5, 1868, ┼sa &
SUSAN E. (Mann)Dodge, Acworth
SUSAN C. DODGE, b. Claremont, Cyrus A. Leet, b. Claremont, d. Abbie S. Leet, m. James B. Bartlett, 1878, Claremont
SUSAN C. DODGE, Claremont, Cyrus A. Leet, Claremont, Apr. 17, 1851, Claremont
SUSAN C. DODGE, Keene, Cyrus A. Leet, Keene, d. Ella G. Leet, m. Marcus Allen, 1894, Lempster
SUSAN E. DODGE, Manchester, James E. Trickey, Newmarket, Dec. 6, 1865, Robert G. Dodge, Manchester
SUSAN K. DODGE, Rochester, George W. Hurd, Rochester, Nov. 11, 1852, Rochester
SUSAN M. DODGE, Lyman, Fred. Aldrick, Lyman, Sept. 13,1879, Richard Dodge, Lyman
SUSAN M. DODGE, Boston, Mass., John p. Conant, Charleston, Mass., Nov. 11, 1849, Nashua

SUSAN M. DODGE, Francistown, Charles S. Colburn, New Boston, Nov. 12, 1887, Edward W. & Eliza N. Dodge, New Boston
SUSAN V. DODGE, Manchester, John C. Ormsby, Mancyester, Jacob &
SUSAN Peavy, Manchester
SUSANNA DODGE, Weare, Jonathan Emerson, Weare, Nov. 23, 1796, Weare SUSIE N. DODGE, Milford, Herbert L. Bartlett, Milford, Dec. 25, 1876, Ephriam & Mary Dodge, Milford
SYBIL DODGE, Hancock, Henry Spaulding, Hancock, Apr. 23, 1801, Hancock
SYLVINA DODGE, S. Berwick, Me., Jeremiah Allen, S. Berwick, Apr. 21, 1887, John and
NANCY Ricker, Somersworth
TERASHA DODGE, Bristol, Jonathan Ladd, Alexandria, Dec. 29, 1822, Bristol
TRIPHENA DODGE, Lemuel Dow, Jr., Mar. 18, 1790, Hanover
URSALA E. DODGE, Lempster, Elias B. Abbott, Lempster, Nov. 25, 1896, Warren & Elizabeth (Garfield) Dodge, Lempster
VIENNA DODGE, Webster, Henry F. Pearson, Webster, May 8, 1899, Henry L. & Mary L. (Plummer) Dodge, Webster