Harry W. Dodge
North Conway, New Hampshir

The three pictures above, were painted by Fred Allen Dodge who was a great uncle of Harry W. Dodge of New Hampshire. Fred was born in 1894 and died in 1966. He was married to Mildred Sherman.

View film clips of some of Harry's Toy Soldiers
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Harry and Myrtle Dodge built their home on land that abuts Mt. Washington State Park. Harry displays his toy soldiers in his "Toy Soldier Shop". He acquires the lead for the soldiers from different sources, and makes most of the molds although he has been able to also get original molds for some of them.
Above are views of many of the displays. Harry is very careful to make the uniforms authentic. He uses a brush with just 3 hairs to paint the soldiers eyes, and the buttons on their uniforms. The last two photos are of the view from Harry's back yard and a view of his and Myrtle's studio. Harry says that he can walk 200 miles from his back yard and never meet another human being.