For a long time, I've been searching out my Dodge "roots." particularly in the Crawford county area.

I have been able to put together a great deal of information but I've hit a brick wall when it comes to identifying the parents, siblings and other

ancestors of my great, great, grandfather David Dodge. Also, even though there were numerous other Dodge families in the area during the same

years as David, so far I've been unable to make a connection between the families.

Recently, among other items my deceased grandmother had kept in a large envelope I found a copy of an obit which had been published in the

Conneautville newspaper in 1974. The obt. was for Myrle Dodge Wood, born Munhall, PA 4/20/1904, age 70, who died in Philadelphia. Her deceased

father was Stone H. Dodge, of the Conneautville area.

I've thought, for some time, at least some of the other Dodge families in the area were somehow realted to David Dodge so when I found the obit it

hightened my suspicion. I'm hoping perhaps you will be able to help me solve the mystery.

Long ago, in one of my mother's year books (Edinboro Normal school) I found on the same list of students with my mother's name the name Myrle

Dodge. Years ago, I had asked mother who Myrle Dodge was but by that time her memory and faded and her response was she didn't know a Myrle


Just to make the mystery more mysterious, during my research of the Dodges, once of Northumberland county, I found the name Stone H. Dodge.

Evidence points to the fact that Stone was closely related to Daniel Stone Dodge, once of Northumberland Co., Pa and Kentucky.