I have a Dodge family bible and a copy of my great, great grandfather, David Dodge's, death certificate which note his birth date as 1811 in NY State. I have detailed information about his wife, Mahalia Nicholas/Nichols, their children, grandchildren, great great grandchildren, and great, great, great granchildren BUT nothing about his parents, and/or his siblings.

I have a copy of a deed made in 1835 between the Grantor, Isaac Paden, (early settler of Crawford County) and the Grantee, David A. Dodge, for land in Conneaut Twp.. Then I have a copy of a deed transaction in 1843 for purchase of land in a nearby Township (Summerhill) in the same county between David Dodge (definately my g g grandfather) and Samuel Arnold.

I found a David A. Dodge as a resident near Olean, NY about 1820-23 . in area of Salamanaca, NY then he disapears from the area. Therefore, I believe he is the same David A. Dodge who migrated into Conneaut Twp., Crawford county. I believe David A. Dodge and David ? Dodge (my g,g grandfather) are one in the same individual and I'm searching for the proof.

I posses a small Dodge family album which was passed down from my great, great grandparents, David and Mahalia Nicholas/Nichols Dodge, to my mother, Margaret Ina Dodge Kinley. Unfortunately my mother did not give me the album but I found it in her house after she became very ill and entered a nursing home. Then it was too late for her to identify any of the the photos for me. I believe his ancestors were the Dodges who lived in Portville, NY but I can't find the link or the proof.

Perhaps if I list some of the census data I've compiled it would assist others in locating a link to their Dodge relatives, once residents of Pennsylvania.

1790 First U.S.A. census: Head of Household: Byman Dodge, Luzerne Co. ,PA; Isaac Dodge, Bucks county, PA; Oliver Dodge, Luzerne co., PA

1810 : John Dodge, Philadelphia Co.; Oliver Dodge, Luzerne Co., Thomas Dodge, Luzerne, Co., William Dodge, Luzerne Co.,

1820 Census:

Asa Dodge Pymatuning Allegheny

D.H. Philadelphia

Daniel Bedford

David Montgomery

Ebenezer W. Bedford

Edmon Bedford

Edwin Somerset

Lydia Philadelphia

Wilham Lancaster

1830 Census:

Abigail Bradford Co. Asylum Twp

Asa Vernon Co. Tinoesta Twp

Caroline Schuykill Pottsville

David Chester

Edmund Bradford Asylum Twp.

John R. Philadelphia 5th Ward

Lyman Bradford Franklin

Nanthaniel Philadelphia Philadelphia

D. W. (or O.W.) Bradford Franklin Twp.

Tyler Erie

1840 Census:

David Crawford North Shenango Twp.

David Crawford Summerhill

David A. Crawford North Shenango Twp.

David S. Northumberland

Isaac Crawford Conneaut Twp.

J. E. Crawford Vernon Twp.

John Crawford Spring Twp.

1850 census:

David Dodge Crawford Summerhill Twp.

James Crawford Summerhill Twp.

John Crawford Richmond Twp.

John E. Crawford Richmond Twp.

Jonas Crawford Conneaut Twp.

1860 census:

Alma C. Dodge Crawford Co. Conneaut Twp.

David Crawford Summerhill Twp.

David Erie Co. Harbor Creek

James Erie Summerhill

Lewis Crawford Pine Twp.

Mary Crawford Conneautville Boro.

William Crawford Vernon Twp.

Ruth Larson

While, once more, gleaning through a county history book I own I found information that might give a Dodge descendant a lead:

John O. Dodge, lumberman of East Smethport (Mc Kean county, PA) was born Keenebee county, Maine 1/14/1846, son of John P. and

Rosannah (Richardson) Dodge, natives of Maine. John O. married Miss Miranda, daughter of J. M. and Olive Scammon Lane of Penobscot

county, Maine.

One child listed as Jennie wife of F.L Sherburn, Mt. Alton, PA.

Also found in same book: Daughter, Alma Young, of William A. Young, Mc Kean County, married Lyons Dodge and they moved to Ohio.

Was there somebody searching for information about a James Madison Dodge 1812-1887?

Information is more about James Madison Dodge's parents and siblings.

William ("Father" Dodge) Bradford Dodge b. Sept. 29, 1793 in Massachusetts settled in area of Millburn, Ill died April 1, 1869

wife Sarah Dole born 1781 d 1890


Lydia 1811-1848 married John Dearborne 1803-1862

James Madison Dodge 1812-1887, wife Jane 1809-1887

Lucy Nelson Dodge 1815-1845, husband William Augustus Gray 1814-1880

Hannah Dodge 1819-1884, husband Ben Stedman 1803-1860

Sister Judith Dodge - never married

James M. Dodge, wife Frances 1848-1924 - Children: Julia, Margaret, George C., and Edward P 1852-1919

In gleaning through the "Early Settlers of NY" book found: Almira Dodge, daughter of Harry Alden died June 30, 1854 age 32 years. Of

Clayton, Co., Iowa. In your web site you have her date of birth but not her death date. I see her father, Harry also died in Clayton, Co, Iowa

I checked the information out on the web site and could not find John Elliott Dodge or a reference to his first wife - Eleanor Skleton

This family lived not far from my great, great, grandfather, David Ddoge, in Crawford county so I've been searching them out for a long time. Unfortunately, still without a link.

I have a copy of John Elliot Dodge's death certificate: Birth in Ohio (?) April 9, 1819 died February 17, 1908, Richmond Twp., Crawford county, age 88 yrs 10 month 5 days. Burial North Richmond Cemetery, Crawford county. Died of old age. Was a farmer. Charles Dodge of Richmond Twp., relationship not noted, signed the death certificate.

North Richmond Cemetery: first wife Eleanor Skelton - married 1/26/1843 (place not noted)

Eleanor Skelton Dodge died 2/5/1863 (38 yrs 1 month)

Epitaph: Ellen Isabell Dodge daughter of J. Elliot and Eleanor Dodge died 1/31/1863 (2 months 3 days)

Clarrinda A. Dodge, died July 23, 1833, aged 22 yrs. 4 months 15 days (beside Eleanor) - I believe this might be the first wife of my great, great grandfather, David Dodge. That is, if he was married twice!

Sarah A. Dodge, 2nd wife of J.E. born 1843 died 6/5/1915 (Charles Dodge, Administrator, - address Richmond Twp., Crawford county)

Alta, daughter of J. E. and S.A. Dodge b. 1865 died 1865

Her is another Crawford County Dodge: Conneaut Twp., Steamburg Cemetery: Edmund D. Dodge, born 1876 died 1919 - Spanish American War Veteran; Georgia B. Dodge / wife of Edmund, Born 1883 died 1964 (maiden name possibly Hosier)

Here's another Dodge line I'm working on trying to connect to my ancestors: Catt. Co., NY Web site.

Article: Mrs. Waitie Dodge Hall buried in Mc Kinstry, Wednesday.

Mrs. Waitie Hall, grandmother of Mr. Andrew Hall of Pleasant Valley and aunt of Mr. George Hall died Sunday 9/8/1935 at the home of her granddaughters, Mrs. Russell Bump, of Olean where she had made her home for the past few years.

Mrs. Waitie Dodge Hall, was the widow of Zelo Hall. She was born and spent practically all of her life in this vacinity (Catt co.) She was the mother of three daughters and three sons all of whom she survived but one, Mr. Andrew Hall.

Her mother was Lydia Arnold Dodge, one of three girls who were lost in the forest in the early days of the settlement of this section - Catt County. Story about the girls being lost in the woods will be located on the Enchanted Mountains Genealogical Society's web site -

subject: "Incidents"

Records I found in the Little Valley, NY, Cataragus county were as follows: 1865 resident Lydia Dodge in town of Great Valley - Lydia was 90 yrs old in 1865 born abt 1775. Also resident of Little Valley in 1865 was Calvin Dodge a Baptist Minister. I believe Lydia Arnold was the wife of Calvin Dodge - all seems to fit but I'll get back to you if I can find more concrete proof.

Following is the list of residents found in the Little Valley court house records:

Lydia 1850, 1855, 1865; Calvin Dodge 1865; Joseph Dodge 1850, 1855; Isaac Dodge, 1850; W.D. Dodge 1865; Waite 1865, Elisa Dodge 1865.

If I find out the lineage of Calvin and the other Dodges once of Catt Co I'll let you know.


Perhaps I missed Levi Peabody Dodge on the site but here's what I found in Hbg. records - Lycoming, PA information: Mr. Banger's third wife was Ms. Adele M. Dodge, the daughter of Levi Peabody Dodge, late of Newburgh, NY (Levi - 1824 Dodge genealogy Dartmouth College - Medical)