Hezekiah Dodge, b. 1731 on Long Island, NY, his son was Edmund, his  
son was Samuel, his son was Elijah.....

This Susanah Dodge was Hezekiah's daughter
Dorcas (White) was Samuel's wife
Louisa & Catherine were daughters of Elijah & Salome (Covey) Dodge

The Alcove Cemetery was created from relocated cemeteries and family  
grave plots that
were about to be flooded to create the Alcove Rreservoir for Albany,  
NY in 1929.

Note that there is a date of death for Susannah! 1/30/1847

1) Alcove Cemetery, Coeyman's, Albany County, NY
2) Susannah Dodge, wife of Mordecai Brown, b. July 24, 1776, died  
Jan. 30, 1847
3) Alcove Reservoir, Coeyman's, NY, water supply for the City of  
Albany, NY

4) Louisa Dodge, dau. Elijah & Salome, d. Jan. 23, 1861, 26 years,   
Palmer Cemetery
5) Dorcas (White) Dodge, wife of Samuel, (mother of Elijah), Jan. 28,  
1847, age 63 years, Palmer Cemetery
6) Catherine Dodge, dau. Elijah & Salome, d. Jan. 27, 1849, age 17
7) Palmer Cemetery, New Baltimore,  Green Cty, NY ( approx. 5 miles  
due south of Alcove Cemetery)

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Jim Dodge
Worthington, MA