The Dodge Family Association

Dodge Cemetery Headstones

These photos were taken by Raymond E. Dodge of De Pere, Wisconsin
Below the tombstones is a map of Sutton showing you how to get to the cemeteries there that contain Dodges.

Ray wrote:  There is a Cemetery in Sutton, MA. It too is called Dodge's Cemetery. I ran across it while traveling to Sutton looking for my families graves. The name of the cemetery is down off the site but the local library had the name on their map on the wall. This Cemetery is located on Lehand Hill road not on Dodge Hill Road which is 3 blocks away. Dodge Hill Road also has a cemetery on it and several Dodge's are buried there.  The Leland Hill cemetery also has several Dodge families buried there. Some of the names are Edgar, John Andrew, John, Josiah and Richard H.

The tombstones here are for:
John A., Harriet C., Edgar J., Harriet C.B., Sarah A.; 
Jacob, Elizabeth & their children, Sarah C., Mary Rawson (?), Clara R Lawton.; 
John Dodge, Lydia Elliot Dodge, erected by their son, Edward Jennings Dodge; 
Richard H. Dodge, Josiah Dodge

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The Map of Sutton, above,  shows the location of the cemetery and Dodge Hill Road.   The Cemetery is located near  the number 14.  The box with the X through it is where the cemetery is approx. located. The other Cemetery is located about where the arrow (14) points to.