The Dodge Family Association

"Pond" John Dodge
It is very possible that this John Dodge has the following lineage:
[John(4), Jonathan(3), Capt. John(2), William (1)]

"Pond John Dodge", was so named because his house, which is no longer standing, was located near Wenham Lake, Wenham, Massachusetts. 'Pond John' died "sometime before 1860," according to the book, AE7WkRY &'?ER7' A910 written by John C. Phillips for the Peabody Museum of Salem in 1938. 

"On the very edge of the Wenham Cemetery, there is a tomb with its door looking toward the lake and the site of 'Pond John's' former home. Here was buried John's brother, Uzziel, a reputed man of action who it is said, wanted the door of his tomb so placed that he might watch over his brother's dilatory life. And in return for this, 'Pond John' wrote this epitaph: 'Here lies the body of Uzziel Dodge; In life he dodged a little good and little evil; But in death, he could not dodge the devil." 

But, according to Phillips account, "The town authorities, however, took exception to this somewhat unnatural outburst, and caused it to be erased."